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  1. McTominay - what’s his potential?

    Fletcher was a much better all round player than McTominay IMO. He read the game better, had better positioning, better general technique, better passing, and better tackling. McTominay is probably more of a goal threat and has more height and power but that's it as far as I can tell.
  2. Manchester United vs Fulham

    Give Maguire a seat behind our goal to scream instructions at the defence :)
  3. Pogba is not a left winger

    Against packed defences who will sit deep - yes Against teams that will come at us and leave spaces behind - play Rashford
  4. Casey Stoney has resigned

    Oh ... my bad. Thought you were on a wind up and that there was a hidden "confidence joke" in there that Chelsea men had already won (or were certified to steamroll City and win) the CL as I didn't recall your post having an "if" when referring to the men's final. I thought it read if the...
  5. Casey Stoney has resigned

    All news outlets seem to be pointing to the dire state of facilities. Even Sky Sports understands along the same lines - what a disgrace
  6. Ajax melts trophy for fans

    Lovely gesture - a bit cheesy, but what's wrong with a little bit of cheese? Still very classy
  7. Casey Stoney has resigned

    Really sad news - difficult to know what the true reasons are for now, but expect all sorts of rumours to leak out of the wood work. Annoying thing is any, none, or all of them might be true
  8. Casey Stoney has resigned

    Bullhitter indeed! :lol:
  9. Which is harder scoring or creating chances?

    Depends on the assist and the goal. Having great numbers in either is hard work either way, and I'm unsure you can necessarily weigh having great numbers in one more than the other - especially considering you're relying on someone else to make your assist (not just chance creation) count.
  10. Amad Diallo | 2020/21 Performances

    I turned off the game feeling he was rather impressive all things considered. Reading the comments on here, it appears many were expecting a lot more straightaway. What's that based on? Performances in the youth teams? I expected one or two dribbles or moments of brilliance, but I didn't expect...
  11. Amad Diallo | 2020/21 Performances

    We didn't pay £30m for him - nowhere close actually
  12. Rooney meets Rashford

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Big and tall footballer that’s technically great

    Didn't realise average height in the Netherlands is 182cm!! :eek: . What's the deal with our scouts pulling out magnifying glasses to spot the likes of Blind and DVB then? Anyways I'm just over 185cm but I only consider myself just above average even in England (especially when you look at the...
  14. Post match vs Aston Villa

    Yup ... The answers: - Pogba playing closer to the opposition goal - Cavani's constant darts - as a defender, he must be like an annoying mosquito that you can never quite pin down
  15. Big and tall footballer that’s technically great

    Arsenal's Kanu back in the day - so languid and very very deceptive Yaya Toure - Unplayable when up for it Berbatov - Enough said Viera - another one who's technique gets overlooked because folks just remember a hard man and a leader. Rodrigo Possebon - looked to be on his way before the...