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  1. J.K. Rowling - TERF and transphobic

    If i were glaston i would disagree and turn this into a 20 page argument about noses.
  2. J.K. Rowling - TERF and transphobic

    That ia Glaston’s modus operandi in every thread.
  3. Frenkie de Jong

  4. Football phrases that grinds your gears

    “If its not a penalty then its a yellow card for diving” Don't be so thick.
  5. 2022 Redcafe NFL Fantasy League

    In but only a “free” league. I would be interested in a modified QB scoring league rather than superflex but will go with the consensus.
  6. United Hour podcast - A Focus On Youth (FA Youth Cup Victory)

    Good episode. So what is the actual name if the Mcclaren podcast? Which episode does he talk about ETH?
  7. Erling Haaland | Man City watch

    Just what we need, City getting a top class striker for less than half price.
  8. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    I wouldnt be surprised if Russian command allowed this to happen, or put them in harms way in order to save future embarrassment.
  9. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    This is fine
  10. Westminster Politics

    The absolute brass neck on these people. Wants to run the country, whilst his family not paying tax or being a permanent resident, but still own multiple houses here.
  11. Russian War Crimes in Ukraine

    This stuff makes me sick, pictures from the Kramatorsk railway station today. War is hell.
  12. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Edit: feck it
  13. Post match vs Tottenham Hotspur

    I had this thought too!
  14. Rashford considering his future...

    Negotiating tactic from his agent, he will sign a new deal this summer.