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  1. Raul Jimenez suffers fractured skull

    Great player. Such a shame for him. Maybe he'll get lucky and will be able to play again?
  2. Fred’s value

    That dribbled past stat must be the most useless thing football has ever seen
  3. Television Anyone recommend me any TV Shows?

    Just watched Maniac with Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Great mini series
  4. Nemanja Matić | 2020/21 Performances

    Was brilliant yesterday
  5. Fred’s value

    Well considering he's been one of our best performers this and least season that's an interest take to say the least.
  6. Arse FAM TV

    How's Claude these days?
  7. FA to investigate Edinson Cavani | This thread is taking a break

    And that should be it.
  8. FA to investigate Edinson Cavani | This thread is taking a break

    Man just when everything looked pretty rosy again for us shit like that pops up. Blown out of proportions no end of course by the British media. Circus.
  9. Ralph Hasenhüttl

    Stupid fecking comment from him. He's obviously devastated they couldn't get a 2-0 halftime lead over the line
  10. Arse FAM TV

    Plus a fair share for the interviews with each of them would be my guess
  11. Fred | 2020/21 Performances

    This. Incredible the miles people go to have a go at the lad. Was pure quality today. Especially in the second half
  12. Arse FAM TV

    Well this Sunday can't get any better. Popcorn is ready
  13. Premier League Gameweek 10

    God how beautiful would that be.