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  1. Donny van de Beek | 2021/22 Performances

    Sorry - where did I say it was Pogba’s fault he didn’t get a chance last year???? Just an obvious assumption that he has more of a chance of getting played more as it’s looking fairly inevitable that Pogba is off and that Donny’s attitude to stay and fight for his place is commendable.
  2. Donny van de Beek | 2021/22 Performances

    Nice to hear that he wants to stay and fight for his place - really good attitude. Once Pogba has departed the midfield will get a re-org and hopefully we will get to see Donny get a run in the team and I’m sure he will be up for it.
  3. Raphael Varane | Signed for United!

    Thinking more like our biggest ever balls ups due to fannying around - Ronaldinho…..Hazard…..Gascoigne….
  4. Raphael Varane | Signed for United!

    Why is this dragging on so much? Surely it’s best to get your signings in early and into a full preseason rather than waiting to the last minute to save a couple of ££££ so that you feel you got a discount……we always seem to drag everything out just long enough for someone else to come in and...
  5. Paul Pogba (Out) | Romano - "United confident about keeping Pogba this summer"

    I wonder what the offer we put on the table included for Mino? I’m sure one of the big sticking points will be what Mino gets out of any deal for Pogba (or any of his players) - I can imagine he is asking for some outrageous fee and I’m sure his new play thing club PSG will give him plenty…...
  6. Paul Pogba (Out) | Romano - "United confident about keeping Pogba this summer"

    I think it’s well played leaking out that Pog and his agent have no intention of resigning with us as that now pushed the onus on them to respond to the PSG chat and to end all the speculation….we now show we have tried and are justified in getting a deal sorted for him - I’m sure we have known...
  7. Saúl Ñíguez

    This is total nonsense - we’ve just been banded around and whored about as usual - nothing in this
  8. Southgate set Rashford and Sancho up for a fall.

    Really managed that game wrong - real shame as had got everything correct up until tonight - I knew as soon as I saw the line up I knew we were gonna be under pressure - we got lucky very early but after that we did nothing - their goal was always coming and we never made any subs until it was...
  9. Paul Pogba (Out) | Romano - "United confident about keeping Pogba this summer"

    It’s the annual circus I can’t stand……I’d have more respect if he just came out with a statement either way so everyone knows where they are - the devisive nature of his agent is what makes the whole saga that more frustrating for everyone
  10. Barcelona on the brink

    If he was 28 or 29 then I can understand them doing whatever it takes to keep him - but, the reality is they haven’t won anything for years and they allow this circus to dominate everything they do - I appreciate he adds significant value but he is very much a depreciating asset now - his best...
  11. Eduardo Camavinga

    Apparently Chelsea now in the mix…..
  12. Eduardo Camavinga

    If he isn’t that keen to come then we should be avoiding - he is only an 18 year old kid and if he isn’t really sure it will only end one way. We need to be signing only players that really want to come. End of.
  13. Raphael Varane | Signed for United!

    Any ideas when Varane is back from his holidays so this can actually gather some credible traction - at the moment it’s just smoke and mirrors with the likely scenario of him getting a better contract and staying at Madrid……unless we hear a definitive he’s rejected all offers from Madrid then...
  14. Barcelona on the brink

    I’m astonished at the money Barca are paying some players…..but what Messi has been milking them for is obscene - he is now 35, way past his best and they want to offload players to pay him another ridiculous salary…..the great Barca have fallen to new depths
  15. Raphael Varane | Signed for United!

    Agree with that……won’t be long before Ancellotti ‘talks him around’