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  1. RIP Walter Smith

  2. RIP Walter Smith

    Devastated. Was basically our version of Fergie, seen as the father figure of our club for my generation of supporters. I knew he had a long illness & was pictured with a crowd of celebs including Fergie at a charity golf game a few weeks back, & I hoped he was on the road to recovery, but...
  3. Aston Villa 2021-22

    The Wolves game was the killer. Next 4 games you would imagine will go a long way to defining their season, games vs West Ham, Southampton, Brighton & Palace, teams you expect them to compete well against that might be in & around where they expect to be.
  4. Premier League Gameweek 9

    The incident happened well before the 2 minute mark, they just waited for the stop in play it looks like.
  5. Next Newcastle manager

    I can't remember if it was on here or somewhere else but I read someone posting a good manager could easily have them winning 12-15 games by the end of the season, & I was thinking, are you mad? There's only 30 games left, they've won 0 from 8, they look poor, you just can't switch form on like...
  6. Next Newcastle manager

    Was thinking that myself. Its also difficult to get out of a rut, we've seen that on numerous occasions. Normally you would say games like Palace, Brighton & Brentford they would have a good chance, but these teams have impressed this season, so it really is difficult to see where they can...
  7. Next Newcastle manager

    I tell you something, they need to actually pick up some points, & really badly. Looking at their fixtures, they have Palace (A) Chelsea (H), Brighton (A), Brentford (H) & Arsenal (A) next 5 games. Then 2 massive must win home games back to back vs Norwich & Burnley, but then their festive...
  8. Next Newcastle manager

    Just to put a bit of context on that, he didn't lose in the league at all last season, & has lost 1 league game this season. Your wording makes it sound like a major collapse so far! :D
  9. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    Just makes too much sense. We were an Ajax type team under much of Wenger's reign, in terms of the football we played, the reliance on young players, the market we shopped in, we just never found a way to properly evolve it in the modern era. Ten Haag & Overmars although not vastly experienced...
  10. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    Yeah, I suppose that's the advantage when the bar is so low in terms of current position & current manager, there's many that should be an improvement. :D Just think Ten Haag sounds ideal for us, ticking the same boxes that have been mentioned in this thread for Utd, but perhaps without the...
  11. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    My post was slightly tongue in cheek. Now that I've resigned myself that Arteta isn't working, this guy is probably at the top of my wishlist for replacements, certainly wouldn't want him to replace Ole from an Arsenal perspective. ;) Im half way through reading the thread, & thinking that...
  12. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    Maybe Man Utd would be too big of a step up. Now Arsenal, perhaps bringing Overmars with him, that's a move that makes sense for all parties. ;)
  13. Arsenal 2021/22

    Yep, hard to argue now. My argument was that I prefer managers to be given time, I wanted him to have another summer window & then I'll judge him after that, that is close to 2 years in the job & I think that's a very fair time for his own players, his own ideas etc to be in place, & I'm just...
  14. Arsenal 2021/22

    He's now had 8 of the 10 games I wanted to give him to assess the start of this season, & im not seeing the improvement I was looking to see, bar about an hour vs Spurs, we've ranged from average to really poor. I can see the tide really turning on him Friday at home to Villa.
  15. Arsenal 2021/22

    It's becoming more difficult, that's for sure. You are right in what you are saying, for a club like Arsenal you need a number of things to fall into place. Liverpool have shown it can be done, but it relies on top coaching, top recruitment, a good bit of luck in the market, perhaps other teams...