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  1. Amadou Haidara

    I would give Sancho the season as I think he will come good and he's a proper winger that we desperately need. The other player have been a waste and the money that we paid for them were way over the odds. I have no idea why they hired him maybe to "Show" that we are moving in the right...
  2. Next permanent manager

    I'm hoping Arnold steps in here and speaks some sense into the board and tells them to take Ralfs recommendation for the next manager.
  3. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2021/22 Performances

    We all know he was playing with injuries for awhile and that has had an effect on his game. The charity work he has done off field has been amazing no one can deny that, maybe that has taken a toll on him no idea. I haven't read anything so far about him being out and about plus recently he has...
  4. Pogba | Man Utd open talks for an extension | Ralf: "At least 3 or 4 weeks until his return"

    The club will never learn this is the reason why we are in this mess offering contracts to players who might not want to be here that insane amount of money. Just let him go and invest in players who want to be here and who want to come and play for the club.
  5. Manchester United Board

    Perfectly summed up there we are stuck with them until someone will buy us but as you said for £4B and in £500M debt not going to happen. We are stuck in purgatory.
  6. "Up to 11 players now want to leave United after becoming disillusioned with life at the club."

    Good get the ones that are causing a fuss out of the club I'm sure Rangnick knows who they are but main issue will be the board will they allow him to do that? They might want to protect the "Value" of the players might reward them with a new contract.
  7. Rangnick's January Window

    I'm surprised we're not at the monitoring stage yet.
  8. Frenkie De Jong

    My only concern is that will he want to come given the treatment of DVB? He might speak to him and get the told his experience to date and it's not been good.
  9. Amadou Haidara

    That's true we would be taking a risk he's not premier league proven however he could be a signing that works out. I agree sometimes you need to pay over the odds to get that special player and Rice has been great this season for West Ham but will we get him for I think £100M that was being...
  10. Amadou Haidara

    If Ralf says he's good then that's good enough for me, I admit never heard of him or seen him play but if that's who he wants then fine by me. Plus if the cost of him id £33M then that would be a good price, much better than what we would get quoted for Rice and Tielemans.
  11. Michael Carrick leaves Manchester United

    Great player always appreciated what he did on the pitch, shame it didn't work out for him as a coach. Best of luck hope he gets the experience he needs to become a great coach.
  12. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager

    :lol: Brilliant!
  13. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager

    You are right about RB they had Naglesmann so he could carry on with what Rangnick had started. Me personally even if the style of play that he will impose this season was bearing fruit I would still want him at the end of the season to move into that consultancy role. I think he will do much...
  14. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager

    Really excited for this appointment they actually made a footballing decision! He's the right type of interim manager to come in and give some identity to the players and bring a style of football we so desperately need. Also getting him to stay for another two years after is great he can...
  15. Interim manager discussion: Who replaces the interim interim manger (Carrick)?

    No I wouldn't want that at all what's the point in playing that kind of football and not playing the youth it defeats the purpose of the club itself. Nope it's my valid concern When Jose was fired from the job Woody said we will get an interim in place and we will recruit a permanent manager...