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  1. MUST | Sign For United | Fan Ownership

    That's the attitude ye toad
  2. MUST | Sign For United | Fan Ownership

    Based on the current share price? $15.75 USD at the time of posting. Or are those shares not class a?
  3. MUST | Sign For United | Fan Ownership

    When are we likely to see this scheme come into existence? I'm not putting another penny into the club until I see meaningful change. I think the supporters protest has gone too quiet.
  4. Is Harry Kane a cow?

    Sell him to France.
  5. Micah Richards & Roy Keane's Road to Wembley

    Keane is right in ep. 4 about Kanes leadership. Watching that last dance docuseries on Netflix at the minute and they were saying a similar thing in about Michael Jordan and him calling players our for their mistakes during games. You need someone reminding people about the standards, even in...
  6. Television James Corden

    What do Jeremy Clarkson, Jeremy Crobyn and James Cordon have in common? They're all massive cnuts.
  7. Emmanuel Macron

    Is there a fence on that boat?
  8. What would former stars in legacy positions look like in modern top teams?

    Cafu would 100% fit a modern team. In fact his approach to the game probably influenced the concept of the modern wing back. Beast of a player. Irwin too, no adaptation required, would slot right into any team today. Although I'm not sure they fit the definition of legacy positions.
  9. Best Kit(s) of the Tournament

    I though the Germany shirt was a bayern shirt, very nice. Always liked the Dutch shirts, everyone had the 88 one when I was a kid. Gullit was iconic in Ireland. Still remember the pannini stickers from that tournament.
  10. Players who burst onto the scene

    Rooney, that goal v Arsenal. Rashford vs the midgets. Remember the name
  11. Colin Pitchfork: Double Schoolgirl Murderer to be Released

    Of course he is entitled to a trial, but the sentence of being hanged should be an option, especially for people who rape and murder children. Are you siding with this murderer?
  12. Colin Pitchfork: Double Schoolgirl Murderer to be Released

    No, but hanging should be a legitimate sentence.
  13. Colin Pitchfork: Double Schoolgirl Murderer to be Released

    Should have been hanged, save the taxpayer some money.
  14. Grealish To City?

    Imagine Arsenal not being able to compete with Aston Villa for the transfer of a Championship player... think this should be in the let's all laugh at Arsenal thread.
  15. Transgender Athletes

    Change the definition of rules around gender to be based on chromosomes?