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    Right wingers usually say Jimmy Carter. But that's because they are mostly stupid.
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    You would have been banned years ago if it weren't for me sticking up for you and that was when a lot more leeway was given to people like you who think they can insult other posters at will. Your warning clearly states that "These warnings are...
  • Having been on a jury for a murder trial in the US I can tell you from experience that the law may be easy to follow but some people still refuse to do so for stupid reasons.
  • It was great fun for a while though.
  • The people of Davis near where I live successfully mobilised and forced the chief of police to change plans to buy an MRAP vehicle. The people rightfully pointed out the absurdity of a university town having the need for such a thing. This is the...
  • Dressing like soldiers in a war zone. Those MRAP vehicles for small town departments.
  • Grinner replied to the thread The Trump Presidency.
    Twitter are being stupid. They let everybody else post bullshit and lies.
  • Grinner replied to the thread The Trump Presidency.
    I think in the early sixties it was on the precipice of becoming great but then went to shit. Yes I know most of the arguments for and against so we don't need to go into those here.