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  1. Inter failed to pay Lukaku transfer bonus; ManUtd asked for Skriniar or Lautaro to close the deal

    Ain't happening as inter didn't miss the payment
  2. Ronaldo vs Ronaldo

    For me R9 was the better player,, Obviously R7 had the better career. But R9 was a beast against not only World class but some legendary Defender's like Maldini, Nesta, Cannavarro etc. He made them look ordinary. When fat Ronaldo ran at a player they crapped it but also equally you expected some...
  3. When is McTominay going to be recognised as the next Steven Gerrard?

    When he has his first slip and also has kicked thin air kinstead of the ball).
  4. Florentino Luís

    He's nicknamed the octopus
  5. Gaming Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

    More details and I game screenshots, it is confirmed that gameplay will be shown on Thursday next week at Xbox Series X 3rd party games reveal
  6. Jude Bellingham | Confirmed Borussia Dortmund player

    No, Graham Le Saux :lol:
  7. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 8th Aug)

    Brexit FC Champions on Not Europe
  8. Ronaldinho: the greatest entertainer...

    Exact same for me, they were both thrill a minute players, when they got the ball you expected magic.
  9. Ralf Rangnick

    Let him go Milan for few seasons whilst we see how Ole does.
  10. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    True but he wasn't a happy bunny this season when Barca failed to get him, if they lose Messi during an already difficult time, it would be a massive loss for them, their status would instantly drop a notch or two.
  11. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    Because Messi wants his mate back, if not he leaves Barca for City by activating the break clause.
  12. EU blacklists the Cayman Isles, UTD registered there

    So is that why Boris was in hurry to get brexit done.
  13. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    I loved the way he was instructing players, I felt he was in space and not picked out often and also Only when Greenwood came on that he found some movement up top to try pick out.