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  1. Post match vs Brighton & Hove Albion

    Now I know how Artic Monkeys felt when they beat Richard Hawley to the Mercury Prize.
  2. Post match vs Brighton & Hove Albion

    Ed Woodwork worth £200,000 A week, easy.
  3. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    Didn't the match day thread used to have the score at the top near the "in progress" banner or am I imagining it?
  4. Woodward, Glazers....

    What state is the roof in?
  5. MEN: Manchester United step up transfer activity after Crystal Palace defeat

    It's ironic. To think this sorry mess happened out of an argument over some horse's jizz and now we are getting statements like this straight from a horse's ass.
  6. MEN: Manchester United step up transfer activity after Crystal Palace defeat

    "Transfer activity has been pushed right up the agenda, right next to the search for a director of football!"
  7. Woodward, Glazers....

    It's the worst case scenario isn't it? The love of your life leaves you, and after a suitable period getting drunk and listening to too much Phil Collins, you feel stronger and ready to find someone new. Your beloved old car finally grinds to a halt, you can easily buy a shiny new model. You...
  8. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    Fergie's glasses will steam up with that mask.....mercifully.
  9. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    My piece of crap mini SkyQ box has lost connection with main box in other room. Blessing in disguise?
  10. Who should be United's Captain in 2020/21?

    If VDB works out, give him the armband. Would be great to have a Captain Beeky.
  11. Books The BOOK thread

    I read Bluebeard when it first came out. It's a brilliant book to recommend to anyone who doesn't get modern art and it often gets overlooked in his canon. Thanks for this post @Nickosaur, good reminder for me to revisit it!
  12. Victor Lindelof - Crime Fighter

    The perp must be an even slower cyclist than I am! But on a serious note, a woman in her 90s, that's evil. Well done Vic.
  13. Jadon Sancho | Left out of BVB squad to face Bayern due to illness allegedly.

    Haven't really got into the minutiae of this saga but has Sancho ever really expressed a burning desire to come to United? If we aren't his dream move then Dortmund are in the driving seat. Bit like Trump ordering that Chinese company to sell TikTok.
  14. Harry Maguire involved in incident with police in Greece - conviction nullified by appeal, full retrial pending

    He should have shown some restraint like the better mannered Stevie Gerrard. (Who hid and let his mates get stuck in.)
  15. Statue for Giggs and Rooney outside Old Trafford?

    Harry Gregg, hero of Munich.