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  • I don't think Ole is the one that will enable United to challenge for titles except without a huge slice of luck. However he has been dug a massive hole in which to climb out of by Ed Woodward. Ole has often said that he is manager rather than...
  • I met Thierry Henry in Walt Disney World in 2008. I was waiting in a queue for an ice cream when he approached and asked if I was in the queue. I said yes. He immediately left.
  • hanovercigars replied to the thread Having a Top Striker.
    It's almost as if Sir Alex knew what he was doing buying all those strikers instead of midfielders. Ole and Woodward need to learn more from him.
  • It's not his fault but he has the power to make this stop happening. But he allows for it to continue so either he is stupid and doesn't realise that he is constantly being misquoted or he agrees with the 'misquotation'.
  • So many times on interational football duty Pogba gets misquoted, mistranslated, spun by loaded questions etc. Pogba could stop all of this by not having interviews or keeping to scripted answers. The fact he continues to have these interviews...