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  1. Television The Boys

    Well, I for one did not see that ending. Though I'm wondering why would vought tell that Mindfeck guy that SB is the son of HL? Isn't he a B grade superhero? I can understand maybe black Noir told him, but then why would Vought tell Noir. Even in that cartoon scene they just say a kid is...
  2. Abortion

    Wouldn't codifying abortion just be shot down by the supreme court? Or is it not possible for the supreme court to shoot down a law codified by the government? I would doubt that.
  3. Television Best TV Show Scenes

    Some from my favourite comedy shows:
  4. African players playing for European countries

    Germany has seen plenty of players born and raised here go and play for counties of their parents, Turkey and Croatia mostly. Also have benefited from players born elsewhere and moving to Germany (Klose, Podolski). I don't think you can ban such a thing, even if a kid is born in one country but...
  5. Abortion

    I would only have an issue with late term pregnancies, at the point where the baby can survive outside the mother's womb. Abortions before that I think should be allowed. I like how Germany does it where they require you to go through counseling before finalizing the abortion, but late term...
  6. Television The Boys

    Fair enough, that makes sense.
  7. Television The Boys

    Why is this different for the Stranger Things thread then?
  8. Has political correctness actually gone mad?

    Both people are assholes. Looking into someone's phone, which isn't meant for you, then getting pissed because he called you fat and trying to shame him are pretty shitty things as well. Then calling someone you don't know a fat cow is also shitty. Though I'm sure there's a story behind this...
  9. Television The Boys

    Erm fine then, be an ass then I guess. So someone who is thinking of starting the series should go where to ask or see if it's nice?
  10. Television The Boys

    First off, spoiler that man. Second off
  11. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    Well fair play that you've seen Mazroui, but I very clearly remember Bayern had everything agreed with Dest and it was up to him where he wanted to go. He decided to go to Barca in the end.
  12. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    I mean Bayern were all in for Serginho Dest before Barcelona swooped inst the end, he hasn't faired particularly well at Barca so there is no guarantee that the scouts have gotten the right signing with Mazraoui. Him being free maybe enticed Bayern more to get him.
  13. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    Can't even pull the 'they are buying all the Bundesliga players for cheap' schtik as well.
  14. Geopolitics (Too "Whataboutery" for Other Threads).

    I always find it funny that people are using Houthis using kids as soliders as an reason of them deserving of having innocent civilians bombed and murdered, but at the same time people in the west were praising images of women and children being taught how to make Molotov cocktails to throw at...