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  1. Manchester United vs Burnley

    de Gea Dalot Lindelof Maguire Shaw Fred Matic Mata Greenwood Martial James --- Romero; Wan-Bissaka, Williams, Jones; Andreas, Lingard; Chong
  2. Nintendo Switch | Switch Lite confirmed, handheld only

    Fantastic deal. Very tempted to get on myself at that price. I don't really need it, but it'd save me having to let the missus use mine when Animal Crossing is out...
  3. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2019/2020

    Finally put this thread on Watch after missing so many of your tips lately. Hoping I don't miss out on any more now :lol:
  4. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    I'm assuming we'll have to play a similar side that started against Wolves, with de Gea back in and probably Andreas or Lingard over Mata at the start. I think Ole will want the higher energy and pressing that these two can apply more-so than Mata, but if we can stay in the game, Mata could...
  5. Manchester United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    I think Ole will probably go close to full strength (already said similar to Norwich so I expect the same 18 players give or take). However, this is what I'd like to see as a starting line-up: Romero Dalot Lindelof Jones Williams Andreas Matic Greenwood Mata James Martial --- Grant...
  6. Bruno Fernandes | United and Sporting in discussions BBC, Guardian

    I hope we're not haggling for ages again when we'll probably end up near enough matching Sporting's demands anyway. Just give them the £30-40m + Rojo, it'll be worth it IMO.
  7. Nintendo Switch | Switch Lite confirmed, handheld only

    There are strong rumours again of the Switch Pro coming, in 2020 as well. I'm rather dubious of this as I'm not sure if it's that worth it for Nintendo from both a commercial and requirement aspect. I mean, if they can get it out in the Spring/Summer, then they may get some good sales, but I...
  8. Pokémon Strumfest

    Also love the look of the expansion pass. Much prefer it to them releasing another version. Probably requires a smaller team, meaning the next games (probably Oct/Nov 2021) can have the main team on them working a longer development period. Pokémon Home is already confirmed to be a paid service...
  9. Has this season hit rock bottom for you yet? If no, what, in particular, will be the final nails in the coffin?

    Pretty much, but I'd probably have rather we didn't score or even lost 0-4... That lifeline of a goal makes me think we'll go full strength and probably risk players we shouldn't to save grace. Will hurt us in the long-run chasing the dragon.
  10. Has this season hit rock bottom for you yet? If no, what, in particular, will be the final nails in the coffin?

    I think a lot more needs to go wrong for there to be any chance of Ole getting sacked if that's what 'rock bottom' is relating to. Eg. - Go out of the FA Cup to Wolves - Go out of the League Cup to City - Fail to win many of the Premier League Fixtures by end of Feb (Norwich, Liverpool...
  11. Phil Jones

    I do think someone was playing a joke when they got this guy into professional football. It can't have been serious all this time. The guy would need a helmet and pads to eat soup ffs.
  12. Recommend some good stand-up comedians

    Steve Hughes Mick Ferry
  13. The “Ole In” Brigade

    While they're not exactly the trophies we wanted, up until recently we were still winning as much or more silverware than the other clubs in this country. I'll take that as our worst period for ages. It's just frustrating to see Liverpool and City as the ones winning all the big things now which...
  14. Manchester United vs Norwich City

    de Gea Wan-Bissaka Lindelof Jones Williams Fred Matic James Andreas Rashford Martial Seems most likely at the moment.