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  1. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Agree that at that price he is a decent gamble for a team that can accommodate a potentially injury-prone player, but with good upside potential should he stay fit. A team such as ourselves should stay well clear though - the profile of our current injury-prone lot means we cannot risk being...
  2. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 8th Aug)

    Wow, Varane is calamitous. Trying to get a hattrick of assists?
  3. The constant media calls for us to replace Martial

    I think the problem with the Martial narrative is that the media focus is somehow on him as the area we need to strengthen this window, even though he's come off a very productive season. I mean the calls to prioritise the theoretical signing of Kane over Sancho is completely bizarre. Not...
  4. Better player: Lingard or Cleverley

    This season has been rotten for Jesse but he had his good moments for us and at times it looked like he could be a squad player for the team...TC23 was never good enough imo.
  5. Manchester United vs LASK

    Fck me, Tony is smooth.
  6. Manchester United vs LASK

    Feel for him. Seems the pressure is drowning him a bit. Shadow of the player that started the season for us.
  7. Manchester United vs LASK

    Dave woulda saved that - those flying top corner saves are his speciality.
  8. Romelu Lukaku | Inter watch | Inter on twitter: "bUt LukAkU hAs nO fIRst toUcH"

    Who is that tweet supposed to be in response to? Has the Italian media been giving Lukaku a tough time over his touch, or is this aimed at fan opinion?
  9. Lets talk about Inter Milan

    Happy for him. Doing well in his likely final swansong, picking up a runners-up medal in the process.
  10. Jack Grealish

    Villa are entitled to ask what they deem fair, but we don't have a limitless budget. At these prices, we should be shopping elsewhere. I truly hope we have alternatives lined up because we desperately need quality squad depth if we want to be successful next season.
  11. The Deadwoods Assassinated by Babyface

    I'd be very surprised if this happens - Ole trusted him enough to play TFM ahead of him this past week, so his days seem numbered in my opinion.
  12. Victor Lindelöf | 2019/20 Performances

    Coped excellently with Vardy today. Matched him in a race at what point which was great. Seems his problem attackers are of the hold-up/bully type ala Giroud, but if he can find a while to deal with those high-ball bully boys, he'll be valuable for us.
  13. Celebrations

    I think what makes this finish particularly satisfying is that throughout the season there were times when it felt like the wheels could come off in a bad way. But we stuck through it, played some really good football towards the end, and (without jinxing it!), it looks like the club has some...
  14. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Why Greenwood? He still had legs and was playing well.
  15. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Like an accident waiting to happen today.