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  1. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    So happy Cesaro is getting his Mania moment.
  2. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    The camera cuts are annoying me already. Why so many?!
  3. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    I liked it :lol: They should probably put someone like Sami out there instead though
  4. Granada vs Manchester United

    The Burnley of La Liga. Proper shithouse team.
  5. Granada vs Manchester United

    Pogba has made two runs through the middle while we pass it sideways out wide.
  6. Film Netflix pay $450m for Knives Out sequels

    The accent was on purpose. Have you ever seen Poirot?
  7. Anthony Martial | 2020/21 Performances

    I agree with most of your point. But I don't think it's fair to put Mason there.
  8. Television Lord of the Rings - Amazon TV Show

    The trilogy is a masterpiece IMO. It's timeless and will still look amazing in 30 years. If you don't enjoy the films and the books, LOTR just isn't for you. Did you enjoy The Hobbit?
  9. Television Lord of the Rings - Amazon TV Show

    Why do you struggle with trilogy?
  10. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    Never a doubt in anyone's mind.
  11. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    Is he definitely going there? Or just an assumption.
  12. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    There's going to be a crowd for Mania, right? You'd think they'd be hyped for it. I can't remember a worse build up for Mania.
  13. Mikel Arteta | Arsenal Elite level manager

    No chance Partey gets into the City team.
  14. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Exactly. He just stopped running.
  15. Fred - £47m well spent

    The Caf' has found its new whipping boy I see.