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  1. Richard Arnold cleaning house | Making 'significant changes' to Social Media strategy etc.

    Maybe this late season meltdown is a blessing in disguise. I don't care much about the club's social media strategy, but "cleaning house" and a restructure of the footballing side is clearly needed.
  2. Klopp about Paul Pogbas physical advantage over the rest

    The club absolutely did break him, as they have broken just about every outfield player over the past few years. It's not an exaggeration to say that fully 100% of players have regressed during their time at United. That is not down to effort, mentality or poor scouting. Many of these guys were...
  3. Are pundits and fans exaggerating how bad we've been?

    +2 goal differential for the season
  4. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Great half by the boys, holding the mighty Chelsea at 0-0. It must be tough for the players not to be in awe to be on the same pitch.
  5. Everton vs Manchester United

    Another week, another new low.
  6. Are Utd Making You Depressed?

    I've never in my life had less enjoyment following United than this season. In other bad seasons, we were at least chasing a trophy or in the hunt for 4th. Plus there was hope that with a new manager and/or signings we could turn it around. We've gone through so many managers and signed so many...
  7. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    Michael Oliver on VAR duty they just said. He'll be off.
  8. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    It's incredible to see gegenpressing in action.
  9. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    Our press is so poor. We always leave 1 easy pass available. It's half-committed press, which is actually worse than no press. Making it so easy for LC.
  10. Utd Kits 22/23

    Trying to get our kit the same level of attractiveness as our on-field play.
  11. Manchester United vs Atletico Madrid

    Going to need at least 1 goal if this is our good half.
  12. Next permanent manager | Poll updated

    The only (realistic/semi-realistic) managers I would be happy with (in order)... ten Hag Tuchel Zidane Enrique
  13. Post match vs Manchester City

    Looked decent first half. I really don't understand why the entire team looks exhausted after 45 minutes. There was no organized press in the second half at all. They made it so easy for City. And you see it against lower quality teams as well. I can't accept that the entire squad just doesn't...
  14. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    United run around for 3+ minutes and finally gain possession. Then within 5 seconds Bruno just passes it directly out of bounds.
  15. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    Good subs. Pogba been good but he's been running out of gas since he came back. Still not ready for 90 mins against a team like City.