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  • Hi Mate, could potentially take all three Leeds tickets from you if you still have them. Do we all need to be members? I think only one of us is. How much are they?

    I'll check and make sure my mates are up for it, obviously sell on if you get a more concrete offer before I get back to you

    Hello mate. You still selling Watford tickets?
    Got a buyer but I will let you know if it falls through
    Cheers fella
    Hey buddy.
    Just read in the ticket thread that you offer spares from time to time. Do you have any availability for the top games (Citeh, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Scousers)?
    Would be willing to pay you a good/fair price.

    Please dm me - any help is highly appreciated.
    Ah, ok mate.
    How does this list work and how could I "apply" for a spot on it?
    Member 39557
    I'd pm Noodle or TheReligion.
    Will do so.
    Cheers mate!
    Hey buddy. Would love to pick up those spares for the s'hampton game today. They still around??
    Sorry mate, sold them last night.
    No problem buddy
    hey guys, imlooking for tickets between man vs west ham, so do you have it, plz contact with me via, thanks u so much
    Alright mate, I'll take 2 for West Ham. Where would I have to pick them up from?
    Hey mate,

    It's Reid - new member name as I forgot my old login details. I've since changed my mobile number.

    I've got potentially 2-6 tickets for Leicester vs. United. I doubt I'll be able to go.

    Was wondering if you fancied any? Obviously, looking for favours further down the line. I'll see what I get and let you know more when I can.
    Hey mate. I was told you're very helpful with tickets. Can you do me a big favor and buy 3 Community Shield tics for me, preferably behind the goal, and we'll sort out payment after?
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