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  • Quite accurate. Gladbach might even have more of a rivalry with Bayern than Dortmund. Many Gladbach fans are not that fond of Dortmund, though. Mainly because they keep buying players and now managers from them. So there might be a new rivalry...
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    Little Late to the discussion, but I think the gamepass is somewhat expensive, but if you can and want to afford it, it’s a good service. Most of all it’s very reliable, transparent and also easily cancelled. You get precisely what you pay for...
  • What the feck is going on in the UK?
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    Any chance the Packers are in for Watt?
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    Diego was also one a while back. That one worked out quite well for us, though.
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    Has Brett Favre already talked about the disgusting way Watt forced himself out of Houston?
  • Pirlo to Juve might not have been the best transfer of all time, but it was a really good one at least.
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    Schwartz and Fisher are a huge loss.
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  • Laugh at him all you want. I don’t give a shit. But don’t suggest his perceived assholeness comes down to being autistic. Especially since there is no diagnosis whatsoever. Is it that difficult to understand?
  • It’s fun reading this thread, reading how much of an asshole Owen is, only to see people suggesting that this must be due to him being autistic. It‘s fun reading this as an autistic person. Real fun.
  • I‘m just gonna keep pretending and arguing that he’s just not that good. Mainly because he seems to be the type of guy who’d get annoyed by that and I really can’t stand him.
  • Sure. But I think what they are usually defending isn’t Bayern, they hate us. They are defending their own clubs from unwarranted criticism. The best example being Dortmund. They sold us exactly one player through the years who they could have...
  • It‘s a shitty thing to do, no doubt about it. On the other hand I’ll never get why so many people on here seem to passionately hate the Bundesliga. It’s so strange.
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    I pretty much agree with all of this. The play they‘ve run might not been the right one, but the decision to pass it makes a lot of sense.