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  1. Why are Brazilians so good despite having disadvantages?

    While football is extremely popular in all three of these countries, Brazil has a completely different culture around it. Not just in the way it is liked, but in the way it is played, taught and organised. Through huge stretches of history, the Brazilian league was very strong and at times on...
  2. Why are Brazilians so good despite having disadvantages?

    It’s culture. They are so good for the same reasons Turkey or Mexico are so bad.
  3. Paul Pogba - Juventus player

    Just took a look at the Juve squad in order to see how he might fit into it. Now I’m shocked to see how little elite talent they actually have in their team. This squad looks terrible.
  4. Sadio Mane | Bayern player

    It’s only common in bavaria and can be used to say both hallo and goodbye.
  5. Television Hustle (Netflix)

    Fun watch. The montages were done well and the basketball scenes were lots of fun to watch. Solid sports movie.
  6. NBA 2021-2022

    What is this weird obsession with putting so much weight on some miserable media guys opinions? It really doesn't matter. Not at all.
  7. NBA 2021-2022

    I think Kerr deserves a lot of praise for this one. The way players like Wiggins or Payton performed in the playoffs was incredible. That’s a sign of great coaching to me. Especially Wiggins. Also the Warriors always knew what to do, even in the difficult moments. They always had their tactics...
  8. NBA 2021-2022

    Which is even funnier considering that his influence on the game can be felt and seen even in games without him.
  9. NBA 2021-2022

    Don't know where Steph ranks compared to the players from decades ago. But I know I will never stop laughing when someone suggests Durant is the better player.
  10. Is anyone enjoying the Nations League?

    Haven’t seen a single game yet and don’t really understand what it even is.
  11. Will they ever introduce a stop clock in football?

    I am waiting desperately for this to happen. It is long overdue.
  12. NFL 2022

    He’s worth it.
  13. Capello on Italian football

    Why is Juve’s stadium so small, by the way?
  14. Pochettino sack watch | PSG Manager

    Please let it happen. This sounds incredibly entertaining and funny.
  15. Film Martin Scorsese - Marvel movies are 'not cinema'

    It’s morbin time!