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  1. Film Which movies/series would you consider truly groundbreaking?

    The Simpsons obviously.
  2. Eden Hazard | Real Madrid player

    One of those transfers I never understood at all. This was doomed from the beginning. Hazard never looked like he wanted to be there and Real were always ill advised spending that much on a guy who’s already spent his best years somewhere else. Terrible deal for everyone except Chelsea.
  3. NFL 2021

    Well, except for the really funny scenes at the end of the Cowboys game, this round was incredibly boring.
  4. NFL 2021

    I refuse to entertain the idea of Stafford winning a playoff game.
  5. NFL 2021

  6. NFL 2021

    And they were. And that still wasn’t enough.
  7. NFL 2021

    And if your play relies on the refs being as quick as somehow possible, it’s not a good play at all.
  8. NFL 2021

    No doubt. I’d have taken the shots aswell.
  9. NFL 2021

    It is a difference. The few yards allow for more different routes and plays. It’s a small advantage, but it is there.
  10. NFL 2021

    I must defend McCarthy here, a bit at least. Five verticals doesn’t mean five attempts to run vertical plays, but one play where five receivers run vertical routes.
  11. NFL 2021

    Completely agree. It felt like a typical ending to a Packers playoff game. Mike McCarthy has shown again and again that he is not able to prepare his teams for moments like these.
  12. NFL 2021

    Could Dak be suspended for his comments on the refs? I mean endorsing throwing things on them is hardly sportsmanlike.
  13. NFL 2021

    Exactly. It’s not the refs fault that they chose a completely idiotic playcall.
  14. NFL 2021

    Was that run called? If not, what was Dak thinking? I don’t get it.
  15. Romelu Lukaku | Chelsea

    Oh yeah. And one of the few Bayern players who are basically universally beloved in Germany. He’s just such an incredibly likeable dude.