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  1. Jude Bellingham

    Rubbish v USA . Had a good game v Iran , let's see how he goes in other games . Imo Southgate will play Phillips if he's ready.
  2. Denzel Dumfries

    Now there's the option. I'd have James over Him .
  3. So what striker are we buying in January?

    I'd go for a loan player as well, if its Felix all well and good, it would probably be with option to buy and that could be an issue with price it could be high. I think a striker was on for the summer but things change quickly.
  4. Is Cristiano Ronaldo a United Legend?

    Who's calling him the victim , only you by sounds of it . Jeez give your head a woble
  5. Sir Jim Ratcliffe: I want to buy Manchester United | Will make a bid for the club [Telegraph]

    Radcliffe on what I've been reading has gone up and up. The Ineos group who are huge and part of the Chemical industry should be a good thing. He's apparently worth over £10billion and his company make a crap load every year so we're told? It's either him or Dubai? Or even none of them the...
  6. Is Cristiano Ronaldo a United Legend?

    By The TV channel and Piers Morgan who asked him the loaded questions without Morgan challenging any of them. That's who
  7. Is Cristiano Ronaldo a United Legend?

    He probably is in most people's eyes, this latest episode from him imo he's not totally at fault, he's been taken for a ride and he will realise it in the future. He's the best I've seen at OT live along with the Brazilian Ronaldo. I'm glad for Utd and for him he's gone. Sadly this time round...
  8. Cristiano Ronaldo leaves by mutual agreement | SIUUU Later

    Agree both of them have had the impact it was designed to do even with Morgans other pal Pietersen sticking his oar in as well. Utd just move on now get another striker in ASAP he will soon be forgotten again like he was the first time he went. He owes UTD everything UTD owe him feck all .
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo: Set to leave by mutual agreement

    Im glad this has been sorted now, instead of it carrying on through the world cup, something has happened imo and if rumours are to be believed he's going back to Real ? How much truth is in that I don't know or care as long as he's not here. And UTD should refund any no 7 shirts this season...
  10. Should Garnacho be going to Qatar?

    If he did go I wouldn't have minded, next world cup yes as long as his development goes upwards the boy is young and hungry and those players are what we need. Who knows if he did go could his head have been turned by older pros for him to leave? The boy has talent and UTD need to improve him...
  11. Cristiano Ronaldo: Set to leave by mutual agreement

    Piers Morgan, and his loaded questions were always going to get Headlines, that's what it was intended to do. Hopefully UTD can now address the fallout and deal with it, imo its all over for Ronny sad it's come to it, but he's pissed on his chips and no way back, if UTD decides to sack I hope...
  12. Cristiano Ronaldo: Set to leave by mutual agreement

    Piers what a twonk, Ronny hasn't had a run in the side?? Jeez he's played more than Martial? Piers listen to yourself ffs talking shite to get relevant again using Ronaldo to get back to being that.
  13. Cristiano Ronaldo: Set to leave by mutual agreement

    Morgan is a Gunners fan, and full of shite, firstly he's needs to be banned from OT if he needed to go there, secondly we need to make up a song that can be sung about him evertime we play the Gunners especially at the Emirates. Ronny in years to come realise he's been taken for a ride like...
  14. Your Favourite Top 3 In The Current Squad

    Love Casimero, Dalot is the most improved player , Martinez breath of fresh air. Eriksen has to be in there as well OK that's 4.
  15. Cristiano Ronaldo: Set to leave by mutual agreement

    It's on a shit TV channel from a shit Radio station. Both Piers and Ronny are as bad as each other with egos, Morgan ran an anti UTD newspaper when he was editor. This interview must be so long it's on Wednesday and Thursday. Can't be much on that channel otherwise. How low as Piers Morgan...