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  1. Newcastle United vs Manchester United

    8pm on a Saturday.. that's useless ko time imo 3rd one.. won the last 2. What's wrong with 5.30 Sat or 12 am Sunday or 2pm Sunday etc .. Tv.. we all know that .. can see us getting a result up there..
  2. Changeable Opinion: Onana is United’s Kepa | ‘Dumpster fire’

    47 pages .. on this.. that says it all , the comparison to DDG isn't right , DDG was at OT for over 10 yrs .. this guy won't. Don't like him and I never will , he will cost utd more important games than he will get
  3. Can we realistically sign the players we need to save our season in January?

    CB I would like to see in Jan if there are funds.. FFP could be a issue? Maybe a loan again don't know but CB I'd like to see..
  4. This team is mentally and emotionally damaged. MUFC have PTSD

    Fans got PTSD .. its called the Onana effect..
  5. Would you throw away the Bayern match?

    Will be leading 2 nil with 10 mins to go and there be a shot from the half way line and the keeper will miss it.. then they get a pen .. and same old shit.. or the weakest keeper in the CL messes it up again..
  6. Positives from yesterday

    The keeper crumbled .. like he has in most CL games
  7. Positives from yesterday

    Positive from last 2 away games is they didn't crumble.. Everton was hostile so was Galatasary even more.. There a bit more cohesive in over all play, still sketchy at the back , but better Shaw is back.. then we got a inconsistent Keeper which is a minus
  8. David De Gea Appreciation Thread

    Agree, until one came DDG should have stayed.. unsettled everything with a inconsistent keeper..
  9. Changeable Opinion: Onana is United’s Kepa | ‘Dumpster fire’

    OK.. he's misunderstood genius..
  10. Post match vs Galatasaray

    Agree, the guys inconsistent and you need a more consistent player in that position that's why there hard to find good one.. Utd are fecked as ETH has brought him in and he's here to stay until we get another keeper?
  11. Post match vs Galatasaray

    You start great away from home again, then some one has to feck it up.. this time it was Keeper of the CL , most know what happened.. how are you supposed to get anywhere in CL especially , when you have a keeper who keeps making errors of the highest level.
  12. Qualify for the Europa League or exit Europe?

    It's a toughie to get European football, need to beat Bayern for Europa league playoff game.. Are the other 2 going to Draw? . .the only thing we got to do which is a good thing is Win a game at OT, and see how it goes.. do you want Thursday night Sunday games.. at least it won't be the silly...
  13. Changeable Opinion: Onana is United’s Kepa | ‘Dumpster fire’

    Agree but that ships sailed...
  14. Changeable Opinion: Onana is United’s Kepa | ‘Dumpster fire’

    The Onana believers have been banging on about the Defenders in front of him...2 Freekicks last night .. wall should have been better for that , he sets the WALL..! 1st one ..just goes in, 2nd saw it all the way and I don't know what he was trying to do, 3rd one was good strike at near post...
  15. David De Gea Appreciation Thread

    You got the Onana lovers and DDG dislikes.. the Negative DDG ones throw up his howlers and Stats.. I'm in the camp of the ones he has saved ...I'm sure last night DDG saves the 2 Freekicks and maybe that shot at Near post although good strike.. That matters for nothing as we've got this...