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  1. Congratulations Chelsea

    I was forced to be friends in school with this guy who was as close to being a bully without being one. Our mums were/are friends. The older i get the more i despise him. He is the smuggest Chelsea fan i know, with box seats at the stadium and wembley thanks to his dad and also step dad. Tonight...
  2. Are we going to be put back in our place next season?

    Battling for 4th again in my opinion. Chelsea and Liverpool finishing above us and we fight Leicester for 4th.
  3. DDG won't save a single pen

    A ghost would stand a better chance at saving these.
  4. Villareal vs Manchester United

    Can't believe Pogba didn't insist on taking a pen before the game.
  5. Villareal vs Manchester United

    Ole taking the one player off the pitch that every fan would rather keep on is the epitome of irony.
  6. Villareal vs Manchester United

    We are looking so tired compared to them, for obvious reasons. But i can't blame Ole to be fair because i don't trust any of those bench players to come up clutch for us.....Not one.
  7. Rashfords hopeless on the right...

    Not been his best season but im of the opinion its down to lack of rest, playing 75% fit the whole season and is just mentally fatigued in general. I have full faith he is going to become a crucial clutch player for us still.
  8. Villareal vs Manchester United

    Shaw's at fault imo.
  9. No.1 for next season - De Gea or Henderson?

    Tom Heaton :lol:
  10. No.1 for next season - De Gea or Henderson?

    For a professional goalkeeper at the highest level that was quite telling.
  11. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    Its a copy pasta but still hilarious.
  12. United Hour - Victory at Villa and a letter from Joel

    Can't wait to listen tomorrow. Do we have Imran's stupid game to look forward to too?
  13. Protest at Old Trafford

    Is it just me who doesn't understand why everyone is moaning about "safety of players" and stadium being clear inside and out when ordinarily players play infront of 80,000 people and arrive outside grounds with hundred of people there.
  14. Manchester United vs AS Roma

    And it was :lol: