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  • Who pulled the trigger has nothing to do with it, the gun should have been safe and wasn't. That's not the actor's fault or responsibility As a producer it's possible he is culpable in some way for what happened, who knows
  • He's so good at those bending runs, he often gets multiple chances per game by doing that. He should really be teaching Greenwood how to do the same, it's a brilliant technique that nobody else in our team seems to do
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    And he's much better for it! He was really fun last night, and was the same with Wales in the Euros. Not a good pundit by any means, but his enthusiasm is really enjoyable. Could be very annoying for neutrals or supporters of the other team...
  • I said he should be given more time only a couple of weeks ago, but feck it. I think we're in horrible form and he could probably pull us out of it eventually like he has done before, but it's still not good enough. I don't believe he is going to...
  • we're such a stupid team. game-changing mistakes in basically every match
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    Fantano is completely correct
  • Jo Cox was never a member of the actual government, so whatever her political positions were she never had any actual influence on anything (unless she ever voted in line with the Tories, which I doubt). Amess was part of the government and voted...
  • In all competitions Rashford has 9 more goals in 8 more games. Remarkably similar stats. The difference, though, is that Rashford's output every year has either improved or remained the same as the previous season. Martial has been very up and...
  • If he signs a new contract I genuinely think we'll still be wondering what his best position is and how to fit him into the team in 2-3 years time.
  • This is nonsense. There are millions of people in the world who are qualified and experienced and still incompetent. Playing football at a high level doesn't necessarily make you a good coach, nor does holding a sports science degree. We don't...
  • The performances have been worrying, but we're still fine points wise in the table and there's no reason why we shouldn't get out of our CL group, so the Ole out brigade need to wind in a bit. It's not like we've not had bad runs before, we've...
  • I would like it if one day a player takes his shirt off after scoring, but he's got another one exactly the same on underneath
  • We're still ok on points for now, let's see what happens over the next month. We've had horrible runs of form before under Ole and managed to turn it around. Talk of sacking him now is premature, the season has barely started
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    We really have been pathetic for most of this season so far. I'm not calling for Ole out, but our performances are worrying. Games like this are now the trend, not outliers
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    Funny that at around 62 minutes the commentator said our "win expectation" was around 75%. I thought that was a ridiculously high expectation given how our games have often gone this season