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  1. Leeds United discussion | Bielsa watch

    Yes. We even call negro to white people in an affectionate way.
  2. Aguero vs Henry: The Greatest PL #9?

    People calling aguero a poacher is laughable. Peak aguero could tear apart entire defenses on his own. I still remember that goal he scored vs United at old trafford leaving everyone behind changing the pace and holding everyone trying to get him
  3. Leeds United discussion | Bielsa watch

    Amazing to watch honestly
  4. Lautaro Martínez

    Ok mate. With the experience he'll solve that problem I reckon. Specially if he goes to Barcelona.
  5. Lautaro Martínez

    No. Just some. But everyone watched the game.
  6. Lautaro Martínez

    He was by far the best player on the pitch yesterday vs Barca.
  7. Lautaro Martínez

    Lautaro is way too good and smart
  8. La Liga 2019/20

    he even talked about it in the postmatch interview
  9. La Liga 2019/20

    it's a joke
  10. La Liga 2019/20

    :eek::eek: Suarez
  11. Lionel Messi

    I saw this live, in the flesh. I'll never forget that moment. I'm gonna go to every Argentina game I can for the next Copa America. They play 3 matches in Buenos Aires and one in Cordoba, 700 kms away. The Cordoba one's tough but I'll see if I can get to go.
  12. Messi v Ronaldo | Contains double your daily salt allowance

    he said goat as an adjective, putting messi in that tier. Which everyone would agree with. Messi and Ronaldo both are GOAT tier. To me only Maradona, Pele and Messi get into the BOAT tier which is a different one.
  13. La Liga 2019/20

    It's amazing how many goals Messi has scored like that. It's lethal. The 3-2 at the Bernabeu one is exactly the same goal.
  14. Paulo Dybala - Performances

    He's the kind of player I know he's good but I wouldn't be happy if I had to rely on him in big moments. His girlfriend is pure perfection though.
  15. Copa Libertadores 2019

    you can't take conclussions from stats honestly. Most fouls were caused by River plate's strikers trying to press, typical silly fouls.