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  1. Glazers / Woodward out!

    Not sure how true all this is or if it’s been posted already but stumbled across this on Facebook
  2. Is there any way back?

    Yeah, and it doesn't seem that difficult. Give the footballing reigns to somebody else other than Woodward and work with a plan. BUT It won't happen anytime soon, so yeah there's a way back, 3....4....5 years down the line
  3. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    I dunno how they can argue it wasn't a foul :lol: When DDG is in the air, he can't control his body as he isn't firm on the ground. Van Djik didn't touch the ball, so even if he was attempting to get the ball, he didn't. When he hits into DDG, he gets pushed back and what would have been a...
  4. PlayStation 5 - Launches Nov/Dec 2020

    I'd be shocked if they're any bigger than 1tb
  5. Coming to America 2

    I hope they get this film right. As a kid, I used to watch this weekly, sometimes daily. I probably didn't even understand what the story was about, but I watched it anyway. I still regularly watch it 2, maybe 3 times a year and still enjoy it, so I just hope they don't ruin it. Also, great to...
  6. Glazers / Woodward out!

    Hopefully gains traction as the weeks go on, and the media push the stories also
  7. Recommend some good stand-up comedians

    Chubby Brown Who bites?
  8. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    Micah talking so much sense tonight. Ex united players making excuses as normal, but as Micah said, you can't always try and hit on the counter, and compared the two midfields and the vast difference in quality.
  9. Post match vs Manchester City

    :lol: If you think what I said was a serious comment, you need to have a rest and come back tomorrow
  10. Post match vs Manchester City

    They won the first half, we won the second... Good draw I say:drool:
  11. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll added)

    Ole is out of his depth, it's clear to see. He's keeping his job because he's a great front for Woodward. Unlike Jose, he'll back the board, praise his team in defeat and pretend the process is going as planned, whereas Jose is willing to call out those above him for their failings. Ole hasn't...
  12. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll added)

    I'd be interested to see the polls if it was fresh
  13. This Brexit FC transfer approach

    We've not chosen to sign British players only. Our scouts just don't know Europe exists
  14. Let's not buy Raiola players again - ever

    Hopefully Lingard signs up, along with Young, Rojo, Jones, Shaw, Pereira, Mata, Matic and Lindelof :lol:
  15. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    Matic for Lingard #Intent :lol: