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  1. Gaming Building a gaming PC

  2. Music Should we be paying more for streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify?

    I pay enough to spotify to be honest. I bought a code off ebay around 20months ago now for £5. Thats plenty
  3. Gaming FIFA 21

    Agile dribling isn't used that much in my opinion. Ball rolls and fake shots are still the most overused moves What's fantastic though is creative runs
  4. Gaming Building a gaming PC

    Absolute result today. I've ordered a 5950x from Currys. I visit a forum that have a classified page, and I bought a £500 currys voucher for £420 As the member was new, I used it right away, then returned the item for a new voucher. Came to spend it today and their was £700 on it :lol: (Thats...
  5. Gaming FIFA 21

    You're lucky. Mbappe for me. I cant get away from him
  6. Gaming FIFA 21

    Absolutely. A slower, but better Ramos is way better than a quicker, Lenglet for example. That being said, Having Dembele as a striker is nothing but cheating :lol: My squad, and for the first time ever, not spent a single penny on the game, other than the game itself
  7. Gaming FIFA 21

    Also, when defending, it's hugely important to position your CDM in front of who has the ball, but making sure that the passing lane to the striker isn't open. If you can do that, let him run into open space, unless he can pull out plenty of skills, it'll be hard to break the defence, just...
  8. Gaming FIFA 21

    It can happen to everyone, but if you feel it happens all too often, I can only assume you're too gung ho in your tactics. I defend mostly with my CDMs. The 3 CBs will hold a good line. If I see a player making a move into space, I'll take over that defender. Try not to ever tackle (we all do...
  9. Gaming FIFA 21

    Use that. Don't give up on it, Get used to it, definitely play on co-op view and use the LM and RM in attacks. Some people will destroy you, after struggling in div 5, I've moved to division 3 with not much of a problem
  10. Gaming FIFA 21

    What do you mean lack of creativity? Are you suggesting most people are running Pope Semedo - Gomez - Varane - Mendy or Allison Semedo - Van Djik - Varane - Mendy
  11. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    But we dominated apparently. What exactly did we dominate. Would us passing it around in our own for 95% possession for 45mins be dominant, cause if we're creating feck all, we're dominating feck all
  12. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    And for the rest of the season?
  13. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    And where did that get us? How many shots did we create in that dominant period?
  14. Gaming FIFA 21

    PC. No tweaking, I was surprised, but Fifa actually supports the resolution
  15. Gaming FIFA 21