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  • Hello friend, I like to meet you.

    You know I'm a fan of the videos you've made CR7 especially when he was in the beloved and majestic Manchester United, he had the 3 parts of a compilation that you called "RONALDO THE PROOF" simply fascinating, but I had some problems and lost a lot information of my laptop, in it the beautiful compilation. You do not know what researched to find you by this means.
    I wanted to ask you an immense favor, you can guide me where you have a link to these videos to find them, on YouTube there is only 1 part in low resolution, as in the case of some videos I've seen. You have them on Vimeo as Nani, I hope you can help me relive those beautiful moments that now I only have in my mind like that great instrumental background video of "Becoming Insane-Infected Mushroom"

    Hugs dear friend
    Hey man thanks for the compliments. I will have to look for them in some old harddrives.. It will take a couple of days.
    Agree friend, I will look forward to any news that you have found those videos, sorry for the inconvenience. Hugs.
    Hi Ihabx7.

    Don't know if you remember me from the good ol' footyforums/past90 forums.

    I've been looking for an old van Nistelrooy compilation. I dont remember if you made it, but it featured the Saltwater - Chicane song.

    Did you make it, or should I try to contact someone else?

    Kind regards,

    Of course mate, how have you been?
    It was someone else's. I do remember it though.
    Hi IhabX7, please pm me, need to check something with you. Thanks.

    Sorry the photo I posted and you quoted is from Mausel not Khuza'aa apparently, sorry my mistake
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