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  1. English cricket 2021/22 | The Ashes

    Bowlers deserve some criticism in this test as well to be fair. They had the best conditions on Day 1 and let Australia get 300 from 12-3 which was way over par. Even today to go from 63-6 to 155 is disappointing.
  2. English cricket 2021/22 | The Ashes

    Selection has been pretty poor for a while now but in this series it's sunk to a new low. Don't even see the point in recalling Pope and Woakes. Why bother taking Lawrence and Overton there if dropped and unfit players still get another chance ahead of them?
  3. Dean Henderson | 2021/22 Performances

    He got his chance at the end of last season and did okay at best. It's nobody's fault that he got Covid and missed the start of this season but he can't complain about De Gea keeping his place since then. Understandable that he's frustrated at not being allowed to leave at the moment but he...
  4. Denis Zakaria

    He played in the 4-0 loss to MK Dons in the League Cup. Looks like he's changed nationality to Gambia now though
  5. Last Man Standing 2 2021/22 | 221 competitors, down to 125. Entries closed.

    GW22 - Aston Villa (backup Leicester)
  6. Tennis 2022

    Farage must be desperate to claim the exclusive interview for his GB News show :lol:
  7. FA Cup 3rd Round | 4th round: United vs Boro

    Wouldn't fixtures like Kidderminster - Reading and Yeovil - Bournemouth be more interesting than West Ham - Leeds and Hull - Everton?
  8. English cricket 2021/22 | The Ashes

    Lammonby had a terrible season for Somerset, nowhere near ready. He's not even an opener really, just got thrown in there because Somerset don't have anyone else in the squad to do it. I'd stick with Burns, I think he is the best opener available for England so should be playing. His record...
  9. Mike Phelan - Assistant manager

    They'll be phelan happier once Mike's spoken to them
  10. Oldest strike “partnership” in the history of football?

    Miura last started a J1 league game in September 2020, partnered with Yuji Senuma they had a combined age of 83.
  11. Turning on Rangnick

    Wasn't that impressed by his appointment so my expectations are probably lower than most but it's still concerning to see just how poor we've been, you'd think that performances would at least improve slightly even if results didn't straight away. I get the feeling that perhaps he's...
  12. Manchester United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    Jones did actually score on his last appearance for the first team. Maybe he's the solution to our set piece problems? :)
  13. English cricket 2021/22 | The Ashes

    Sounds like Kirsten is only interested in the Test side and wouldn't want the job of coaching all formats. I guess Collingwood would perhaps step up to the ODI/T20 side if that happened. I think last time he turned up to the interview thinking the ECB had already decided to offer him the job...
  14. Kieran McKenna / Ipswich manager

    James Norwood Ollie is still at Sheffield United.
  15. Premier League Festive Season

    Tested positive for Covid