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    I would have thought a natural number 9 or a top class midfielder would be the priority but it's also true that our attack does look very flat and devoid of a spark (we're only two games in mind).
  • If only! Sad thing is we can't sell or have no intention of selling a lot of them this summer so it looks like another year here for most of them :(
  • Think he was just complaining about how ridiculously stupid this club is at the moment, and not being literal, which is more than a fair criticism. And this decision would be highly questionable. I'm not a massive fan of Lindelof and towards the...
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    oh no! he wants us to pass the ball instead of knocking it over the top for Rashy to chase.
  • The majority of fans can see where the real problem is (the owners/club structure) and attach little criticism to EtH. I doubt that would change even if he lost the next 5 games because we know the problems he's inherited and that this summer has...
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    Still not sure where he ends up if he does go. Chelsea seems the only option that would make sense. Can't imagine Havertz would be too pleased though.
  • No I don't think so at all. Even if the unthinkable happened and we lost the next 8 games or picked up 5 points or something I think the club would panic, pull the plug on EtH and get someone in to get immediate results (maybe Ole again :lol...
  • Let's hope so. The alarm bells were there with the club/manager reminding us that we finished second a few seasons ago earlier in the summer, but i never imagined it would descend to this level of ridiculousness :(
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    If we're going on just performances it's pretty generous to put Maguire in the amber category when probably the majority of his good performances were in his first season. The club shipped 44 goals in his second season and 57 goals last season...
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    I have mixed opinions on it and you've highlighted some of the problems but I would like to see it tried for a few reasons ... I do think centre back is our strongest position in the squad and that half of our defensive frailties come from...
  • You could, somewhat generously, consider his first season and a half as a moderate success but in his second season I think we conceded 44 goals or something similar and we all know what happened last season. Gary said he was partly rating...
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    Maybe he could do a lot of of Ronaldo's running for him in a 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 :confused: ...Ronaldo was complaining that he wanted a proper striker up top with him last season to help him.
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    I'd be astonished if all this is real. If it is, it could actually be a really good deal for both United and Rashford. It'd be a fresh start for the player and a moving toward the rebuild for the club. I wish him well if he goes.
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    1.2 billion in transfers there :eek: I disagree with a few here and there but I think he explains his reasons well enough. Zlatan would have easily reached 30 goals in that first season but for the injury and Bruno pretty much dragged the team...
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    This is what our forward line has reduced me to over the years that i'm now thrilled by the possibility of signing someone that actually runs :lol: :mad: