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  1. Jose Mourinho | Spurs manager

    His next three fixtures should be at least 7 or 9 points which might give him some breathing space (Fulham could be the trickiest of them) Despite their crap form I'm not sure many teams would want to meet them in the EL draw which is pretty much their priority this season. Yes their defence is...
  2. Gaming PlayStation 5 (Console) | State of Play this Thursday showing what any gamer cares about - games

    Hmmmm, I'll keep an eye on that. I wouldn't mind more non-shooter explorations of a weird alien worlds, with lots of lore and a cool story. EDIT- just seen that it does have shooter elements in it. Well, whatever :smirk:
  3. A tribute to Ryan Giggs

    Don't think he gets enough credit for some of his later seasons at United (say 08-11) . Some big performances in key games.
  4. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    I didn't see it but impressive win and a clean sheet. I thought he might have had his first defeat tonight. I'm guessing we should expect possession football vs counter attack blitz on Sunday? Ole vs Tuchel round 5! Interesting that the away team has won on the previous 4 meetings ;)
  5. Gaming Bloodborne (PS4)

    Just gotta select the option to skip the final boss and I get the third ending and then the plat. I've never got a 100% on a Dark Souls game so i'm pleased I managed to do one here. Those chalice dungeons were hell at times.
  6. The idea that Liverpool are struggling with injuries has been massively overblown.

    Not that I mind the idea of Liverpool FC suffering one bit I do think that their injury crisis at the back has hit really hard. Their front 3 don't click anywhere near as well now though either. It's such a cliche but maybe after winning the Champions League and Premiership maybe they've lost a...
  7. Gaming Bloodborne (PS4)

    Finished the DLC which was amazing. Like Witcher 3 it has definitely added another layer to the game in my opinion and elevated it further. It's amazing how much more I enjoyed my second playthrough over my first. Just got a few more chalice dungeons (stuck on the third layer of the cursed...
  8. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch | Last 6 league games: LLLWLL

    Has to win his next three league games which are winnable (and he will surely be given the chance to do so). Don't think the players have turned against him...yet. I would if he finished tenth, lost the league cup final but won the EL if Spurs would stick with him? It's pretty much his only...
  9. 2nd best achievment in football by any player, manager or team. (Leicester, of course, winning the PL being everyone's 1st choice? )

    They were a great team but very overrated as well if that makes sense. I can't stand the opinion that they're the greatest PL side ever when it doesn't tally with the facts; they didn't retain their title, failed miserably in Europe, no record points tally or goals/goals conceded tally. Also...
  10. Gaming Demon’s Souls (PS5 Exclusive)

    I just started the Soulsborne series proper around November and have really like each game. Desperate to play this if/when I get a PS5 as i'm wondering how it compares to the others. I think these are games that you can reassess with subsequent playthroughs. I started off liking DS3 more than...
  11. Post match vs Real Sociedad

    Very good performance. MCFred combo was excellent and the forwards were fantastic. Surprised there was so much space to exploit even though we knew RS would have more possession. Best thing is that some of the players will surely get a rest before the Chelsea game next week.
  12. Roy Keane

    Was watching an old game on Youtube. Everton players were winding him up all game, including a two footed challenge in the opening minutes but he gave as good as he got. Everton player winding him up @ 39:40 Revenge a minute later which sparks a mini brawl @ 40:40 :lol: To be honest, was a...
  13. Gaming Bloodborne (PS4)

    The bell ringers were probably my biggest issue with the game on my first playthrough (besides the constant farming of blood vials). Really annoyed me! Now I just past that area. It's probably easier to take them out. I just cheesed a victory against one of the final bosses as he got stuck in a...