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  1. Turning on Rangnick

    Hey if you were happy watching United play every opponent as the plucky underdog looking to hit teams on the counter and never win any trophies then good on you, however, even Ole wanted to transition to a more attacking style last season and we all saw what happened there. The majority of the...
  2. Is it still possible to have an excellent transfer window?

    It could still be good, very good perhaps with the right players, but the game has been well and truly given away now as to how much this club has changed since the departure of Ed. We're seeing how it operates still :(
  3. Adrien Rabiot | Di Marzio: United have agreed a deal with Juventus

    So it isn't just an over-protective mother thing then? ;) Come to think of it I do vaguely remember a story of he and Pogba falling out (or maybe it was their parents?) after the Switzerland match at the last Euros.
  4. Adrien Rabiot | Di Marzio: United have agreed a deal with Juventus

    If he ever has any reported problems in the dressing room can someone post this but with Martinez's head on Tyrion :D
  5. Turning on Rangnick

    Actually we sorta did considering that that message didn't apparently get through to the board who reminded us that this squad finished 2nd a bit back. People still parrot this achievement even on here, ignoring that we were set up to play a very specific way which suited the players we have...
  6. From this clean slate the squad have been given: which players will play themselves out of the starting xi?

    If Rabiot and a striker come in i'd say Rashford and McTominay would be the first to go. We're also ridiculously well stocked for centre backs so possibly Maguire. It depends on whether reinforcements are brought in but at the moment players like Dalot, Fred, Mctominay, Rashford, De Gea can't...
  7. Turning on Rangnick

    A lot of the caf can never seem to separate two distinct issues i've noticed- people just have to be all in with the most extreme dislike or love for certain individuals and it never seems to occur that a manager can be right about some things and wrong about others Ralf was an extremely poor...
  8. Frenkie DeJong | Orny: Barcelona say FDJs contract from previous board has ‘criminality’ and want him to sign new contract, threats of court cases

    Putting all our eggs in one basket possibly. However, this really really doesn't show Barca in a good light at all-easily the worst party in all of this
  9. Adrien Rabiot | Di Marzio: United have agreed a deal with Juventus

    Imagine when he falls out with the rest of the squad: Maguire: got a problem? go run and tell yo' mama Raibot: Oh don't worry- she'll be hearing about this.
  10. Ralf Rangnick's consultancy role has been scrapped

    I believe we had six players starting today who have been at the club five years or longer. I really wish we wouldn't put players on such massive contracts for achieving so little and also recognize that, although every player goes through rough patches in their careers, there has to be a finite...
  11. Ralf Rangnick's consultancy role has been scrapped

    And a lot of them also crashed to 6th place the year before that. I keep seeing this argument when it should be obvious that, as well as that 3rd place having an element of good fortune (66 points!!!), the players were playing an extremely limited but very effective low block with lightning...
  12. Raphaël Varane | 2022/23 Performances

    I think a back 3 wouldn't be the worst thing in the world with this squad and Varane is a nice option to have. Wonder if ten Hag has ever used that system? It's arguably our strongest position in the squad, our full backs are astonishingly dire and need all the help they can get, and hopefully...
  13. Christian Eriksen | 2022/23 Performances

    Thought he was our best player today and tried to make things tick.
  14. Harry Maguire | 2022/23 Performances

    His passing (on the occasions when he didn't dither) was pretty good today. Didn't think he had a bad game but not sure if there's enough pace in that centre back pairing, although I could be wrong about Martinez. Could be another hard season for him with those full backs and that midfield...