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  1. Premier League Matchday 8

    No need for that shit. Reported.
  2. Premier League Matchday 8

    Yeah, I'm not saying he's great, I don't think he's massively improved at Liverpool, he's a good player who has come to Liverpool and continued being good when he's fit.
  3. Premier League Matchday 8

    Matip was always a good player, he just can't stay fit.
  4. Conservative MP David Amess stabbed to death

    Thoughts and prayers
  5. David Brooks

    Gutted to hear the news. He's had terrible luck with injuries and now this. Wish him all the best, he deserves some good fortune.
  6. Westminster Politics

    Pft, Priti Patel will be PM by then, you'll be lucky to get back in.
  7. Westminster Politics

    Fair enough, my experience in South Wales matches the data I've seen, hugely popular with the 60+ and gradually getting less popular as you go down in ages.
  8. Westminster Politics

    Is it? Our referendum result wasn't far off the national result and ironically was possibly tipped to leave by immigrants...from England.
  9. Internationals October (World Cup Qualifiers + Nations League Finals)

    The pervs are definitely in control of the coverage tonight, the amount of good looking girls they've shown in the crowd.
  10. PANIC (Dont Panic)

    At least two of those pictures are of people at Costco, where... you always buy in bulk.
  11. Internationals October (World Cup Qualifiers + Nations League Finals)

    Get in, great goal. feck off you racist cnuts.