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  1. F1 2023 Season

    Ah fair enough. I didn’t get to see much of the track either. Sounds ridiculous but it always surprises me just how big the circuits really are. Looks small when the cars are flying around them on TV. I’d like to do Silverstone but it was stupidly expensive this year. It may even be cheaper for...
  2. F1 2023 Season

    Was in Hungary this year but didn’t stay for the race unfortunately. Lovely city though if you can stay an extra few days. Will definitely be going back with the other half.
  3. Day 10: Ecuador vs Senegal | Netherlands vs Qatar | Iran vs USA | Wales vs England

    :lol: I was going to check but assumed I was the only nutter. Apparently there’s a few of us.
  4. Day 10: Ecuador vs Senegal | Netherlands vs Qatar | Iran vs USA | Wales vs England

    One of the co commentators sounds like Tom Kerridge to me and I can’t get it out of my head!
  5. Day 8: Japan vs Costa Rica | Belgium vs Morocco | Croatia vs Canada | Spain vs Germany

    Love it when a massive diver like Alba gets done with one and then complains.
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo leaves by mutual agreement | SIUUU Later

    Definitely the right move. Can only see him scoring goals for one of the big clubs that absolutely dominates possession and can put endless chances on a plate for him. No doubt if that happens we’ll be blamed for his crap form but he just didn’t fit our style. Also, you can’t go around throwing...
  7. Day 3: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia | Denmark vs Tunisia | Mexico vs Poland | France vs Australia

    Atmosphere sounds pretty decent. Not much to compare it to as the only other game I’ve watched was England. Sounds loud though!
  8. Fulham vs Manchester United

    Is there secret forces at play which increase the chances of players scoring against former clubs? Feck sake!
  9. Fulham vs Manchester United

    Great to see someone gambling at the far post. Get in Eriksen!
  10. NFL 2022

    Was at the Jets game and the atmosphere was so much better than the London game I went to last year which is only logical. Was a brilliant experience apart from deciding to route for the Jets for a few hours.
  11. Manchester United vs Sheriff Tiraspol

    Was about to ask how the feck did he get two goals for Portugal in a game recently but luckily I didn’t. Get in! Hopefully the floodgates open.
  12. Television Taskmaster

    3 episodes in it’s been a great series so far. Dara will always be my favourite but Fern is hilarious as well. Had never hear of John but he’s brilliant. Sarah is always good for a random one liner. Munya is definitely less annoying than he was on Masterchef. Like someone else said, he’s funny...
  13. F1 2022 Season

    That could have been horrific. That said and now that we know they’re okay… what a wheelie!
  14. Dan Burn - The Lighthouse

    He’s obviously fast once he gets going but I doubt he’s very agile and yet he rarely looks slow or clumsy. Very good positioning. Decent player.