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  1. Greenwood and Foden kicked out of England squad for bringing girls into hotel room

    He's training alone until the test comes back.
  2. Greenwood and Foden kicked out of England squad for bringing girls into hotel room

    Who honestly gives a flying feck once he doesn't do it again. A mistake was made but it's a complete over reaction. He'll learn from it. Hard to refuse those Iceland women so hopefully doesn't put himself in the same situation again.
  3. Fred | 2020/21 Performances

    What does he actually do? He can spread a pass, that's about it. He's not premier League champions material. Top six player at best.
  4. Greenwood and Foden kicked out of England squad for bringing girls into hotel room

    Greenwood is 18 and those Iceland women are unbelievable. He made a mistake, its not a big deal and move on from it. If the Virus wasn't here no one would have battered an eyelid. Yea he should have realizing but sure he won't make the same mistake again. Its not a big deal whatsoever. Live...
  5. Are we too emotional with Managers?

    I'd probably sack Ole and get in Pochetino now. Ole's been okayish with transfers but that's about it. I'd probably cash in on AWB now and recoup a lot of what we spent.
  6. Harry Maguire involved in incident with police in Greece - conviction nullified by appeal, full retrial pending

    Probably mouthy City or Liverpool supporters invading his personal space and slagging his speed and United as a club. Hopefully he didn't do a Jamie Carragher on it. Wouldn't mind of he decked some Scouse giving him and his family grief.
  7. Fred at left back?

    I'd be looking to sign two proper attacking wing backs (it hates me to say it) like Trent and Robertson. Shaw and AWB just not good enough if we want to be going for league titles. Would definitly get most of the money back for AWB.
  8. Would you accept a straight swap between Mason Greenwood and Jadon Sancho?

    Not a hope, I think Greenwood will hit the heights of Messi and Ronaldo in terms of goal scoring. This thread is truly embarrassing.
  9. What next for Gareth Bale?

    I doubt anyone wants him to be honest. Holding the Wales, Golf, Madrid flag just shows how much of a tool he is.
  10. Thinking the unthinkable : Winning the League next season - It's alright, we're on

    I think the current starting 11 is good enough to win the league but the squad is no wear near good enough. Great to see Greenwood maturing. I'd sign Grealish due to his versatility. I'd sign Sancho. I'd sign a DM to rival Matic. I'd sign a center back. Attackers: Grealish, Sancho, Mason...
  11. What's your midfield three with everyone fit?

    Pogba, Bruno, Matic. I don't rate Scott, never have and hopefully he proves me wrong but think he's a bang average footballer. Think the same about Fred to be honest even though he was our best player when we were fith/sixth. I'd like a long term replacement for Matic and Maybe Grealish if we...
  12. How to get better at breaking down deep sides

    Get a proper striker and a new Right Winger. Get better full backs.
  13. Has Martial done enough to be backed as our long-term #9?

    No, not good enough. Need a striker who will put their body on the line for every cross and run onto balls and poaches goals. Martial just hangs back waiting for a ball to his feet. He is utterly far too lazy for a Manchester United player.
  14. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    12 million signing, only turned 22 in November , first season in the premier league, our highest assisting player, not on huge wages, all the pace in the world. Yea lets right him off already :houllier:. If we had a proper striker he would be one of the highest assisting players in the league.
  15. McTominay Vs Fred

    Fred is miles better. Scott is a good squad player to have but to be a regular United I would say no. Any of the top clubs wouldn't be rushing to sign him Scott.