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  1. The most promising side post SAF | And also some stats

    @Gandalf Greyhame, that's an excellent OP, deserves post of the year.
  2. The most promising side post SAF | And also some stats

    This argument falls at the first hurdle, because that's not how points work. They are not a metric of progress, they are a metric of level as compared to the other teams in the league in a given season. At the end of a season the standings are a better indicator of team progress, not the tally.
  3. "xxx" of the season...(Results are in!)

    :lol: I was wondering how you were going to count it, or if there was a software for that. It was a great thread though and your effort is much appreciated. Regarding the ABCs, Chelsea were my second favorite team in the league, back in the days of Flo, Zola, Hasselbaink, Desailly et al, but...
  4. Rooney vs Solkjaer - Who's the biggest club legend?

    Most goals: Rooney Served longer: Rooney Legend: definitely Ole.
  5. The Trump Presidency

    In the early 80s the was a show called Spitting Image, it had a segment called "The President's Brain Is Missing". As a child I found it hallarious. Like now with Trump, even before his reelection some suspected he wasn't all there. I'm having difficulty posting it as media, but it's on...
  6. What's happened to De Gea?

    Were already there by the looks of it.
  7. What's happened to De Gea?

    Excellent point.
  8. Introducing playoffs in the Premier League

    No. The season is already too long, with top teams likely having commitments in other cup competitions, and their international players having commitments with their national teams during the break.
  9. "xxx" of the season...(Results are in!)

    Man United players only: Best signing: Bruno Worst signing: Maguire *We haven't really made a 'bad signing' this season, so it's all relative. Best player: Rashford Worst player: Lingard Most improved player: Martial Most disimproved player: De Gea Non Man United players (Premier League...
  10. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    I've always been Ole in, and I think he is the right man for the job. That's not about to change, irrespective of where we finish this season. I do however think it's the manager's job to make difficult calls, and if he persists with De Gea next game he'll go down a bit in my estimation.
  11. What's happened to De Gea?

    I agree with this. I have no idea if he's carrying an injury that has affected his reflex, going through issues that have affected his concentration or just lost his hunger and desire for the game, but until its been sorted it out he shouldn't be playing.
  12. Post match vs Chelsea

    My take aways from the game: We looked knackered, physically and mentally. Teams that bully us physically throw us off our game. DDG shouldn't play for the rest of the season. Maguire made these weird, slow runs with the ball, when it would have been quicker and more efficient to pass...
  13. Dean Henderson has to be our #1 next season? Poll added

    He needs to be dropped now. Let Romero finish this season including the EL games. The thing about our goalkeepers is that none of them are terrible. Let them fight for the first spot next season, and assess if any of them deserve it long term.