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    I think players like Silva, Cavani, Ronaldo etc debunk this myth that if you’re from a certain league or you’re a certain age you just won’t cut it in the prem which is great because I’m sick to death of being told by Dinosaur pundits this is the...
  • Not one on target. Considering the quality we have in our team and the height advantage surely this kind of stat needs to be looked at more seriously by the coaching staff, Some teams win games focusing on corners solely and we almost don’t take...
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    We’ve had some big players start this season in very bad form but not Dave, Fair decks to him, everyone had pretty much wrote him off but he’s risen from the ashes and is showing World Class form and the De Gea we all Know and love has returned...
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    I have the exact same feeling with Fred that I did with James, likeable guys, will try their hardest but should never be wearing a Manchester United top, I will be extremely happy the day he leaves , he’s 28 years old , Fred will not get any...
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    Every single official in that game today should be punished absolute travesty officiating today ! I hate that there is never any repercussion for these C*ants when their decisions can literally cost you a title and trophy
  • Omg Ole will be boiling I’f that’s a pen
  • 2nd pen denied WTF is going on in that VAR room
  • That’s why you should have paid our asking price you Ba*tards !!!! Yes Jesse !
  • MATIC !? :lol: Ohh my , so we must be happy with 1 point then
  • Ooooft Maguire wtf are you on today, horrible game
  • shocking decision by Dinosaur Atkinson
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    Ole must be checking this thread for ideas :)
  • Jaxa replied to the thread The Make A Fecking Sub Ole Thread.
    Shocked this hasn’t been bumped yet, We need to try something new in this game, inject a bit of pace , personally I’d take Pogba off for Sancho and Greenwood for Lingard
  • Sancho for Pogba wouldn’t be a bad sub right about now just to inject some pace and energy