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  1. Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

    I want to watch this now :mad:
  2. Inter failed to pay Lukaku transfer bonus; ManUtd asked for Skriniar or Lautaro to close the deal

    I apologise in advance to all of the Newbies wasting their posts trying to grab a quick hundred in this thread :lol:
  3. Adama Traore

    26 games, 0 goals, and 0 assists. I definitely believe in looking past stats (he obviously brings something to the team), but feck me, that is hilariously bad.
  4. Inter failed to pay Lukaku transfer bonus; ManUtd asked for Skriniar or Lautaro to close the deal

    If Inter decide to give us Martinez or Skriniar I will give everyone in this thread £100. As if that’s going to happen :lol:
  5. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Crystal Palace?
  6. Marcelo Bielsa appointed as Leeds United manager

    His contract expired last year too so he worked out of contract for a few weeks. It's just the way he negotiates. I'm sure he will stay at Leeds.
  7. Lionel Messi

    Who? He’s clearly declining but I haven’t seen anyone say that he is ‘done’.
  8. Playing players out of position

    You bang on about creativity but then you don’t even have Krusty the Clown or Bill Gates in your starting XI. If we’re really going to challenge for the league and Champions League we are going to start experimenting at least a bit, it’s quite clear our mainstays aren’t up to the task.
  9. Premier League Gameweek 25

  10. Haaland vs Mbappe - Heirs Apparent

    Before the game against Barcelona, all I had heard was that Mbappe was having a poor season. No doubt what he did was very impressive though.
  11. Ilkay Gündogan

    I remember when many on here (myself included) didn't want to sign him from Dortmund because there was a picture where you could see the size of his belly :lol:
  12. If Dortmund doesn’t qualify for CL

    Has a team in football history ever sold all its best players after finishing out of the CL places for one season? I feel as though that is a myth.
  13. Giovanni Reyna

    Every time I see a thread like this I end up disappointed when we’re not even linked to the player.
  14. Underrated Skillful Players

    Peter Odemwingie