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  1. Who is the MUTV commentator?

    It sounds like we have Prince William commentating on our games. I hate it. He’s a Bristol City fan too.
  2. SEVEN (games to decide the future of the multiverse)

    I think Chelsea will win both. They must be incredibly confident and look exceptionally well-drilled.
  3. Martin Atkinson

    Thanks mate. What a fecking joke.
  4. FAO Mark Noble

    :lol: smug, cringeworthy, wannabe hard man. feck him.
  5. Martin Atkinson

    @GifLord any chance of a replay of the third Ronaldo non-penalty call? Cheers :)
  6. Martin Atkinson

    Massive cnut. Demote him.
  7. West Ham United vs Manchester United

    We’ve literally been cheated. What the hell?
  8. West Ham United vs Manchester United

    What would you expect? Pogba in the pivot? We tried that against Wolves and it failed miserably.
  9. We are an awfully coached team

    Well they tend to win trophies over the course of a season. We don’t. So at present you can’t really draw equivalents. Hopefully this changes very soon…
  10. Pep: “I’d like more fans to come Saturday”

    Am I wrong in saying their tickets away to PSG are on general sale? As in, anyone could buy them? Unbelievable.
  11. Premier League game week 5

    :lol: What the feck was he thinking?
  12. Premier League game week 5

    Physics or an act of God. Either one is fine.
  13. Premier League game week 5

    “It was spinning in” she says, as the ball is quite clearly spinning away from the goal.
  14. Premier League game week 5

    Definitely a handball in fairness.
  15. Premier League game week 5

    Ryan Fraser is the most Scottish-looking Scotsman I’ve ever seen.