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  1. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    He's not getting fired but I won't be surprised if he walks. His intense style has a short shelf life. I can't see Areta reproducing what Pep has done.
  2. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    The shelf life for managers is very much short term these days. i'm not sure that we will see very many Ferguson or Wenger empires again. Poch held it together for 5 seasons but I think 3 to 5 will be the average life span for managers these days.
  3. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    The players were pretty much in place when he got to Leicester. I'm guessing he was consulted on Tielemans & Perez but I don't feel he will have carte blanche with transfers. Whatever Leicester have been doing in the transfer market has been working beyond believe.Madisson, Ricardo, Ndidi have...
  4. Next Arsenal manager

    I agree that Arsenal are struggling but I believe that with the right manager in place & two defenders bought in January they could quickly turn it around. Any manager going there would need some need some kind of guarantee that money will be available in the next two windows. Rodgers has signed...
  5. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    Apparently Rodgers has been offered a new contract of ten mill a year to stop him going anywhere. Exceptional job by his agent to create the media attention & get Brendan a new contract.
  6. Wilfred Ndidi - Leicester Player

    Leicester & Man Utd are in two different categories when it comes to buying players. LCFC are looking for younger players who they feel have a big upside while Man Utd tend to look for players that are already proven. The exception to this has been James who is coming on nicely & looks like a...
  7. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    Be realistic !! No coach is fixing Mustafi You need Jesus !
  8. Çağlar Söyüncü - Leicester's 'Diamond in the rough'...

    Too funny .. I enjoyed that.
  9. Premier League Gameweek 14

    It's frightening when Norwich are on the front foot, they make the Arsenal D look like a bomb scare.That is going to take more than coaching to fix that defence.
  10. Çağlar Söyüncü - Leicester's 'Diamond in the rough'...

    A quote from Caglar Soyuncu's agent sayin that Cags is going nowhere this season & then he adds “He can still get much better. He will write his name in gold letters in the history of the Premier League." What a fantastic line that is !
  11. Ben Chilwell

    Why would a young quality player consider a move to Spurs these days. Looking in from the outside they appear to be a club in turmoil with players running contracts down and stars underperforming. Levy is famous for underpaying players and that coupled with the lack of recruitment doesn't make...
  12. James Maddison - Leicester player

    It was Maddisons first season in the Premier !! He is 22 years old and still a work in progress & definitely cannot compare directly to Pogba just yet. If you buy him please don't start comparing to Pogba & all of a sudden he is shit ! This lad can play & brought along properly he will be very...
  13. Pep's spending is insane

    He comes across as a bit of a twat to me. Smarmy answers in interviews when he has lost & outright childish behaviour on the sidelines. I can see how his shelf life is limited as upper management & ownership must tire of him as well. I'm sure he will be heading back to Catalonia at the end of...
  14. Danny Rose won't be forced out of Spurs, wants to leave on a free

    I tend to agree with you. Waiting out his contract won't bring him a big pay day & i think it's more about F**k you Levy !! To be honest, if a player has his poop in a pile then 60 grand a week is still pretty amazing & Rose is probably quite happy to run out his contract and then have complete...
  15. Leicester City 19/20

    I don't think there is much likelihood of Leicester winning the league. It's just the press making headlines. The realistic goal for Leicester is Europe.