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  1. Harry Kane

    Kane has three years in him at the top level, maybe less. In my mind 200 million is a ridiculous amount to pay for a player who has no upside. The trick is to buy players that have an upside and Kane has none.
  2. England - Kane or Vardy?

    I don't feel that Southgate has the flexibility to know how to use Vardy. I don't think that either Kane or Vardy are better but they certainly are very different strikers. Neither one is a replacement for the other.
  3. Harry Kane

    His best before date isn't here yet but i feel it's very close. He would represent a very short term investment for any club. The only way I could see it is if a team is just about there but missing one thing to win titles. Not a player to build around !!
  4. Harry Kane

    I would avoid like the plague, never was overly quick but add injuries to that & he is no longer at the top the heap. He will be horribly overpriced for a 26 almost 27 year old player with possibly only three years left at the top level.
  5. Dean Henderson has to be our #1 next season

    What other team can or will pay DDG the kind of money he is dragging down with United ? The problem with overpaying players is not the team budget but no other team can afford to assume the wages.
  6. Dele Alli

    He is a media favourite and gets different treatment from the English press. There are players that get constantly critiqued while others fly under the radar.
  7. Birmingham lack of success in English Football

    It's so important to have good owners & an efficient management team. You can have a great stadium with top class support but without quality ownership success is difficult. Birmingham & Aston Villa have both suffered in this area while Leicester & Wolves are excelling.
  8. Should we just hope a new manager fixes it

    I’m not so sure that any Manager can return United to contender status without a competent recruitment team in place. Overpaying for players and then overpaying the players does not make a healthy environment for growth,
  9. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    It’s not just this forum I’m sorry to say. I belong to a few and negatives run rampant. If a player has a bad game people can’t wait to start slagging the lad off. It gives people the opportunity to be rude without having any consequences
  10. Luke Shaw off to Leicester?

    Unbelievable isn't it ? People sitting on front of a computer making stuff up followed by people buying into it and posting it on forums. I just hope Luke didn't buy into it & get pissy with his agent.
  11. African Cup of Nations 2021

    I think teams will think twice before buying African players or at least limit the amount of African players on the team. Jan/Feb is probably the toughest part of the schedule & probably the part of the year when titles & relegation battles are in full flow. No club can afford to loose 4-6 first...
  12. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    All clubs are in a constant state of rebuild, it is the nature of the game that you must be bringing in new players either through transfer or the academy. Players need to be challenged to improve by having another player push them for their spot. If a club isn't rebuilding they are regressing.
  13. Jack Grealish

    I'm a big fan of Jack Grealish and think he would be a great fit for Manchester but I have no idea what his price would be in the Summer window. I keep hearing 80 M for Maddison & fully expect Jack to be close to the same price.
  14. Relegation battle 2019/20

    I agree, what you see is what you get. Nigel Pearson looks like he can keep Watford above the drop but Dean Smith & Eddie Howe seem to be adrift from whats needed.
  15. What's the earliest you left a game?

    Once I've paid for a ticket, I'm staying till the bitter end just hoping for a fist fight or a streaker. Not saying I enjoy it but I always stay.