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  1. Ronaldo doesn’t press and positions himself wrong to open up the midfield

    It seems since we’ve adopted the “pressing” approach, the 4231 on paper is basically a 424 (I’d argue it’s been a 505 in some of the games I’ve seen so far) because we’re just shoehorning a load of attackers in, hoping that they get the first goal or 2 to open up the game. And none of them track...
  2. Would you take Conte at United?

    If we could actually get him on a rolling contract, I think it would be the best move we can make. Think he sorts the problems quicker than any of the other appointments, and it would mean we can still consider all possibilities end of the season. I realise I'm being far too optimistic.
  3. Luckhurst: United considering sacking Solskjaer

    How much credit ie trophies did Ferguson have in his account when that happened… completely different scenario.
  4. Why are Man United playing worse than last season?

    We weren’t particularly great last season. As many pointed out, the 2nd place finish was somewhat deceptive, 74 points would be 3rd or 4th most seasons. Home form was abysmal for a team that’s supposed to be challenging, many dodgy games against mid table teams where we just landed on the right...
  5. Gary Neville was dead to me | Maybe dead again

    Whilst he doesn’t have to actively call for his sacking, it’s embarrassing that when he gets pressed on the manager, he always says he should get more time. The pundits on BeinSports were as blunt as necessary, he needs to seriously consider resigning.
  6. What would you say to the players at half time if you were Ole?

    I’m doing the right thing and leaving, you lads deserve better
  7. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    This has got to be a blessing in disguise, surely this has to be an immediate sacking. This season can be saved
  8. Is this the worst it's been?

    My god, I never thought I’d see the day! Welcome to the club!
  9. The negativity is unreal | Nevermind

    Who here rates them self on the FM games? maybe we should give them a crack next, apparently that’s all what it takes according to the deluded
  10. Ole Sack Watch - Poll Active

    If he wants to leave with a shred of respect, he should walk after this game. He always said he would if he felt this club was beyond him. Put your money where your mouth is, or is he actually waiting for the big pay out like we l suspect?
  11. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Sunday league. Bet all you lot slagging Scholes off on Wednesday night are back in your boxes now.
  12. Ole Sack Watch - Poll Active

    Prefer Ten Haag still, but Conte would be a godsend to the team at this point, all this talk of going backwards with a new manager is nonsense. The current manager has been going backwards for months
  13. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Liverpool haven’t even been that good, we’re just putting it on a plate for them. Probably can’t believe they’re luck. 5-0 win on the cards without breaking a sweat
  14. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    McFred is gonna be the end of Ole, why he puts so much faith in them I don’t know. Surely he should be looking to the academy players at this point.
  15. Manchester United vs Atalanta

    this is just a strawman argument, and a piss poor one at that. If I say a win doesn’t validate the manager, then a win doesn’t mean that the man in charge is the right person for the job. ie it changes nothing in regards to my opinion of his ability. You’ve just added “therefore, I hope he...