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  • You rejected a post of mine for poor formatting and, despite reading the guide, I'm still none the wiser (I wrote 'Marcelo Salas and David Hirst' in the thread asking for players we're perennially linked with.)

    Any chance you could enlighten me on how I can avoid this in future?
    please cancel my membership. the tolerance of violence against police officers and others on this forum with regards the Holy quest to get the Glazers to sell is disgusting.
    Have you reported any of these posts? Please report anything you feel is over the line, we don't see every post. If you want to cancel your membership, you can just change your password to something random so you can't log back in.
    Good Morning Jippy.
    Would it be possible to delete my account please? The reason I am asking this is that I have nothing constructive to add here.
    We can do that, but another alternative is that you could just change your password to something random, so you can't access it.
    Nah, simply delete it please.
    OK, you definitely sure?
    Can i have the possibility to have 4 posts for today? as i need the continue the conversations in the thread about January transfers. Thanks in advance.
    While its true that my comment "added nothing to the conversation" it is a little bit ridiculous that i cant say to a guy " i agree wholeheartedly " when his comment says it perfectly yet some other comments racist / homophobic in other threads go through no problem. This site is incredibly unwelcoming for newbies its a shame
    Why not add why you agree then? Also please do report any racist or otherwise unacceptable posts.
    How are noobs supposed to get likes when their posts are moderated at a slow rate i.e pages go by before they are confirmed so barely get seen?
    The moderators give the likes, so they are all seen.
    Why was my reply rejected. Was only responding to their message...that it was funny
    Eh, your post was unrelated to his
    You rejected my post for commenting on someone saying something I completely agree on - by saying well said, sir. How is that rejectable? Sorry, but ive seen millions of posts with simple one-word responses.
    Getting used to caps formatting on my new phone.
    Fair enough. I just have a bit of a bugbear about random words being capped up. I'm a journo and press releases are annoyingly stuffed with them.
    Hello mate. If you're after a stream try reddit soccer streams. Just click on our game, open one of the links and you're away. That's if finding a stream is the problem obviously.
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