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  1. Is Lingard as good as gone?

    @GiddyUp @Rhyme Animal put each other on ignore maybe.
  2. Get rid of VAR NOW! We want our game back! (...or not, some are happy)

    That makes sense as a rationale in isolation, but when you see goals being chalked off cos the striker's toenail was offside, it's no wonder people bemoan the inconsistent application.
  3. Darts

    Ah shite, yep week on Saturday. Good tip on the summer series though, cheers.
  4. US Politics

    I just finally read that Forbes interview. Wow, he talks some nonsense with the 'mark of the beast' stuff about vaccines (@Wibble rejects this theory) and his inability to utter more than two sentences without dragging God into the conversation.
  5. Darts

    Shame PDCTV isn't streaming it free during lockdown. World Matchplay starts on Saturday. Not sure how it'll be with no fans- be odd if they pipe in the idiots singing the YaYa Toure song to create a bit of atmosphere.
  6. Social Media Justice: A "Karen" faces consequences for threatening a Black man with cops

    On my first ever trip to London I saw an old woman have a piss on a busy pavement in Bayswater.
  7. Social Media Justice: A "Karen" faces consequences for threatening a Black man with cops

    Ah right, I can imagine the OC bubble is pretty gilded compared to most places. Things like the tube would be a culture shock to many outside of London here- a level of in your face and rudeness you don't get elsewhere in the country. It's really not a biggie though. I'm sure everyone builds a...
  8. Eric Dier runs into stand angrily confronting fan, has to be restrained

    Sweet FA in incompetence shocker.
  9. Vardy's challenge on Mustafi, deserved Red?

    :lol:It is a pretty sweet roundhouse when you see it from certain angles.
  10. Social Media Justice: A "Karen" faces consequences for threatening a Black man with cops

    What sort of aggro? I was taken aback by the level of homeless in San Francisco and the sheer volume of homeless people absolutely off their heads, wandering along or collapsed on the street.
  11. Books The BOOK thread

    It was cheap and arrived the next day, so I wasn't fussy!
  12. Books The BOOK thread

    This one, but no idea what currency that is in. It cost be about £4 off world of books!
  13. Books The BOOK thread

    Ah, bit late for me now. Like I said though, the book is about a quarter of the size of Grapes of Wrath, so no real surprise it lacks the depth etc...The version I got had a long foreword by Steinbeck's wife which was interesting though. The guy sounded a character.
  14. Books The BOOK thread

    I've only read Grapes and Of Mice and Men. The latter is only c120 pages, more a novella, and is a bit of a riff on the crushed dreams of the poor. Not sure of the timeline of when he wrote them, but he was certainly very socially aware. I guess living in California he likely saw the big...
  15. Protests following the killing of George Floyd

    City University is changing the name of its Cass Business School in light of Sir John Cass profiting from slave trading. One of the higher profile university acknowledgments of the awkward sources of past donors' wealth.