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  1. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    The couch was earlier, Bond shoots him- the effects are amazing.
  2. Casey Stoney has resigned

    Here's a thought- if you don't care about women's football, stay out of the women's football threads.
  3. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    :lol:Yep fair enough. Not even when he shoots the compressed gas bullet into Whisper?
  4. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    The Green Inferno Cynical rip of student climate activists veers into full-on cannibal natives territory with loads of gore. Entertaining, knowingly offensive and benefits from a decent spattering of humour. 7.5/10
  5. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    Live and Let Die is one of my favourite Bonds. OTT plot, cool locations, great music, memorable baddies and Jane Seymour.
  6. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    :lol:He hasn't been promoted.
  7. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    Some off pitch activities to take the shine off his celebrations. Spurs star Dele Alli spotted snogging Man City boss Pep Guardiola’s daughter
  8. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    The media attacks are clearly working, but Starmer is making it too easy for them. The Corbyn hatchet jobs were so often hysterical, with him pictured next to an ex-IRA guy or 'dancing' on way to the Cenotaph etc, but with Starmer's blandness and apparent lack of policies, the likes of the DM...
  9. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    It's remarkable, but then I guess he has his own iron dome in the form of the media, who've been on all-out attack mode on Starmer for the past week or so. The Cameron/Greensill grubbiness has not stuck at all as yet more Tory sleaze.
  10. Antonio Valencia retires

    Also, let's let the guy retire in peace and avoid pointless arguments in this thread please.
  11. Antonio Valencia retires

    Who abused him racially?
  12. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    Even if people love their jobs plenty still resent paying taxes and funding the unemployed as they see it.
  13. Premier League Gameweek 35/36

    This second half has been turgid, low quality stuff.
  14. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Well done you found a stupid post about a contentious subject online.
  15. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    It mentions the Palestinian dead before the Israeli ones (because there was a larger number). It then talks about the Israel deaths but then goes on to talk about the air strikes, quoting a correspondent on the ground in Gaza. Detail is quite scant about the deaths full stop - it has a prominent...