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  1. IPL 2021

    Chance for the Ashes, no chance for the World Cup sadly.
  2. IPL 2021

    Yeah, but I was much more confident with Archer in the team! Guess it depends what kind of pitches we get. If we get the high-scoring pitches we saw in the IPL final, England can blast their way past anyone. But if they're the turgid pitches we saw for much of the tournament can see us...
  3. IPL 2021

    Agree. Stokes is probably least effective in T20 but yeah, we're still a better team with him. We're just going to have to try and blast our way through, don't think the pitches will help us though.
  4. Ole Sack Watch - Poll Active

    They won't sack him until we're out of the CL. They only sacked Mourinho because he was burning the club down.
  5. IPL 2021

    He's out for ages mate. The ECB stupidly put off his surgery and now he's got a major elbow problem. England still have a good batting lineup but the bowling looks modest without Archer. Wood is possibly the quickest bowler in world cricket but he hasn't got Archer's variations.
  6. IPL 2021

    Obviously England won't do it but i'd bat Moeen at 3 in the World Cup. Man in form and all that Roy Buttler Moeen Bairstow Morgan Livingstone Woakes Jordan Wood Rashid Mills
  7. IPL 2021

    As i said initially, if the BCCI just refunded the cost I'm sure most of the Lancs and England fans would forget it. It's nothing to the BCCI and massive for the club they've affected.
  8. IPL 2021

    Whatever the ECB did, the BCCI should have refused to play a fifth test from the start. Leaving it until the day of the game to cancel, without a legitimate reason, was the most selfish thing they could have done.
  9. IPL 2021

    Get what you're saying Ash, the ECB certainly has its faults. But whatever misgivings India may have had, they still signed off the itinerary and should have gone through with it. Cancelling at literally the last minute was the worst thing they could have done.
  10. IPL 2021

    He can be very destructive but seems the slower pitches don't really suit him. Plus he's under massive scrutiny after those innings against Pakistan.
  11. IPL 2021

    Livingstone all set for a nightmare WC.
  12. IPL 2021

    Seems really open this year. Pitches are making it more even.
  13. IPL 2021

    It's ridiculous mate. As a Lancashire fan it makes me furious... they didn't fancy staying another week and risking the IPL contracts so they fecked over a club whose entire financial year hinges on that test match. The BCCI earns over $500 million a year. Least they can do is reimburse...
  14. IPL 2021

    Couple of thoughts: 1. Can't see England winning the WC on these pitches. India surely massive favourites. 2. Why do the broadcasters refer to Livingstone as a 'bat-only' option when he's bowled for England ffs?
  15. England v India 2021 Cricket Test Series

    We have to give him time as we don't really have anyone else I guess. He looks so much more compact and balanced than Sibley.