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  1. Odion Ighalo: Manchester United player on loan until the end of the season

    This looks a good option to me; pretty cheap and you aren't necessarily blocking Greenwood's path to the first team by buying a 'name' in their prime.
  2. Jürgen Klopp Watch | Feb 18: "Our people will be ready. WELCOME TO ANFIELD!" | March 11: Liverpool 2-4 Atletico

    He clearly bet £8.80 on a Liverpool victory. Bloody metric system.
  3. DDG’s actual ‘worth’

    OK I’m bored at work, but if you average out the top 6’s keepers by shots faced / goals conceded you get: Man City concede 1 fewer Man Utd concede 15 more Chelsea concede 5 more Liverpool concede 10 fewer Tottenham unchanged Arsenal concede 6 fewer
  4. RAWK Goes Into Lockdown 2017/20-18 Edition | LOLis Karius

    Elite level players deserve to be at elite clubs, competing for League titles and the Champion's League. Yes it's obvious I'm still talking about Coutinho.
  5. Mourinho away record against top 6

    Hey, I was talking about United, not City *MASSIVESAFETYWINK*
  6. Mourinho away record against top 6

    Pragmatic approach: draw 3, get 3 points, your title rivals get 3 points. Positive approach: win one, get turned over twice, get 3 points, your title rivals get 6 points. Mourinho is all about win the home games, don't lose the aways.