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  1. Mason Greenwood | 2019/20 Performances

    I dont understand why people would oppose to bring in a potentially world class player (Haaland) because of Greenwood. We currently have Rashford, Martial, James and Greenwood fighting for 3 positions. In other words, we only have one attacking option off the bench. (Dont get me started on...
  2. Song for Pogba?

    Tune: Manchester United Boys - Vidic Paul Pogba, oooooh Paul Pogba, oooooh He comes from fecking France, he'll teach ya how to dance Paul Pogba, oooooh Paul Pogba, oooooh :devil:
  3. Lukaku or current/last seasons Zlatan - who is the better player?

    Lukaku all day. We were shit last season and it was so frustrating to watch Zlatan slow our play down and drop down to midfield. He had some games were he was so much shit. This is not to say that peak Zlatan wasn´t great and at time he showed how much quality he had but it didnt suit our style...
  4. Eric Bailly | BBC say signing is imminent

    Smalling, Bailly, Jones, TFM for the center back spots looks pretty thin... I would be surprised if Blind was sold; he is so versatile and can play CB, CM, LB. I know he doesnt have the physical attributes to be world class in the PL (especially under Mou) but he is the ideal squad player.
  5. Jose's signings and those possibly leaving this summer?

    I dont think he will bring in so many new players. I believe Mou will take the opportunity to lay the foundation requiered to stay as Man Utd coach in the long term. His biggest criticisim is the he works only in 3 year cycles but he has always said how he admired Fergie and other coaches for...