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  1. Manchester United vs Sheffield United

    Just don't get enough men in the box.
  2. Manchester United vs Sheffield United

    It's the hope that kills you.
  3. Facundo Pellistri | 2020/21 Performances

    Football has changed. Their are two type of buys. Players to improve the first team squad and players you buy to sell on for a profit. Liverpool and Chelsea have been doing the latter for a few years now.
  4. Man City 2020/21 - General discussion

    They have hit form at the right time. With easier looking fixtures than Liverpool comming up, they could virtually put end to the Scousers title dream when they play them at Anfield. Then with Debryne and Augero comming back fresh for the remainder of the season .....might even be a CL and PL...
  5. Edinson Cavani - Manchester United Player

    Zlatan is not a Utd legend. If a miracle happens and Utd win the league. Cavani will be a Utd legend full stop.
  6. How far off is this squad from a title challenge?

    feckin hell. Liverpool 8/1. That's crazy. Can't be right?
  7. Thiago Alc*ntara aka The Butcher of Merseyside | Liverpool Player

    Pep knew something that Klopp didn't.
  8. Jack Grealish

    If Villa had been relegated. Grealish would be a Utd player now.
  9. Erling Haaland

    Yeah. Ed should be able to do this by next week.
  10. Jürgen Klopp Watch | "Man United had more penalties in two years than me in five and a half years"

    It's way to early to write these off. Normally you would get a team out in front and say it will be too difficult to catch. But that's not the case this season. Now with Debryne out for a few weeks, it's all back in the melting pot. Every team will drop points and it will go down to the wire...
  11. Is Jadon Sancho really worth the 100 plus million fee?

    Totally agree.
  12. Post match vs Watford

    Don't understand how fans want players, who have hardly played, come in and blow teams away. Doesn't happen in the real world.
  13. EPL Title Race 20/21

    Would love it if Utd won it, but wouldn't mind if City won it, as long as Them feckers don't win title no.20!