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  1. Sir Alex showing his class

    Why ? Cause I'm not hiding from the truth like you are. Fergie got Moyes. Biggest feck up in recent history.
  2. Sir Alex showing his class

    This is all so frustrating. Imagine Fergie going to sell Untied to Klopp. The contract would have been signed there and then. Like when he and Giggs went to see Moyes. Moyes quote "Sir Alex said you are the next Utd manager and that was then end of the negotiations." But we send Woodward to...
  3. Times: Finding buyers for the dead wood is Manchester United’s biggest challenge this window

    Offering new contracts to these players so there would be a sell on fee has back fired big time. Getting rid of them when their contracts expired would have saved Utd money in the long run.
  4. Sir Alex showing his class

    Bit fecking late now Mr Ferguson. If you loved Klopp so much, why the feck did you hire David Fecking Moyes. You had your chance and blew it big time.
  5. Greatest players never to win a club trophy

    I'm sure he won the European cup winners cup with Barcalona as well.
  6. What should be the realistic expectations for 2020-21?

    This and: High points tally Closer to top 2 Quarter final CL at least Not too fussed about a trophy as its will feck as it will our league form. (Unless it the CL of course).
  7. Only Liverpool lost fewer games than us in the League this season

    And they lost less games than us when we won the PL in 2009.
  8. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Poch had a bad 3 months at Spurs, when he had fallen out with the board and some of his players were wanting to leave. Even Klopp had that with Dortmund, so very harsh to judge him on that. Previously he took a relegation looking team in Southampton and turned them into CL contenders without...
  9. So let's talk about Eddie Howe....

    Just found the media loving was too much. He wasted a lot of money and always tried to "play the game like it should be", which was his downfall in the end. And finally he was one of Klopps batty boys. That's it really.
  10. Brandon Williams | 2019/20 Performances

    Solid performance today. If our midfeild showed his aggression we would be in much better shape.
  11. So let's talk about Eddie Howe....

    I'm sure he was getting a back hander for keeping their net spend looking healthy .
  12. So let's talk about Eddie Howe....

    The myth is finally over. Thank feck.
  13. Celebrations

    Think I'm showing my age. I'm not celebrating feck all. Miles off those Scouser wankers, who will probably be going for the PL and CL again next season. Sorry to be a party pooper.
  14. The Champions League is coming back to Old Trafford

    This thread is too funny. I want us to win it. Not celebrate being in it.
  15. We finished 3rd: PL 2019/20

    Summed up well.