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  1. Fact or Fiction: Jamie Redknapp "Man Utd turning good players into bad ones"

    Agree with this,some of it is players not being able to handle playing for the club and the constant scrutiny that comes with it. I certainly don’t think it could be said of Ole’s signings because he knows the pressure of playing here so I think he can identify the type of character, it’s just...
  2. Odion Ighalo - 6 month loan deal done

    He scored against the scousers with Watford a couple of times, thats good enough for me
  3. Odion Ighalo - 6 month loan deal done

    Need someone in on a loan deal, if Martial gets injured again, we have Greenwood as our only recognised striker at present and the way our luck is at the moment with injuries, wouldn't bet against that one bit.
  4. Joshua King | United offer confirmed by Eddie Howe

    He’s got the 2nd best goal scoring record of strikers outside the traditional top 6 clubs, the best is vardy. Playing for Bournemouth that says a fair bit about his ability. Wouldn’t pay stupid money for him, but he was at the club when ole was reserve manager I believe so he obviously thinks...
  5. Should we just hope a new manager fixes it

    that guy clearly we sack Ole, who do you get and how long would you give them?
  6. Should we just hope a new manager fixes it

    Not having that at all, that's complete garbage. Give me one manager in the history of football who's walked into a team in our current state or the state we were in before Jose was fired and made them title contenders in the first season......managers have styles, favoured ways of playing...
  7. The “Ole In” Brigade

    In the interview on Sky this week, he says he went to Ole : " I think I had to rediscover myself. Last year was difficult for me on the professional side, because stuff was not going how I wanted and I was not performing as well. So I had to find it within myself what was lacking and came to...
  8. The “Ole In” Brigade

    See, in my eyes, that was an exact replica of the game prior, as good as they were in that first half, we were equally that good in the first half of the previous game. Then like them in that game, we came out in the second half, Ole had identified the tactical flaw, and we got a goal back but...
  9. The “Ole In” Brigade

    sorry double posted, please delete
  10. The “Ole In” Brigade

    Most of those shots were pot shots from outside the area, don't tell me you weren't buzzing after that first half, which takes a decent performance. Ok, wrong choice of phrase but I mentioned one game, not an entire season of dross which is not true is it. The way that game panned out, we should...
  11. The “Ole In” Brigade

    That’s an emotional comment based off the back of a poor game against Burnley. Much like everything littered over the media. Which was horrendous no doubt, but a matter of weeks ago, we tore city apart away from home, in what was probably the best post fergie display of football we’ve had. So...
  12. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    Exactly this....thats how a football game pans out sometimes, you set up a certain way, the game pans out differently so you adjust your tactics at half time, thus demonstrating you are capable of doing your job as the manager, and win the game 4-0. Unfortunately the players dont always carry...
  13. Jose Mourinho | Spurs manager

    Hopefully Martial bags a hat trick when they come to OT next month, sorry Jose...THATS what really happens when he plays through the middle
  14. Martial is our most important player

    Agreed, under LvG they looked far better as he played them in a similar way with lingard on the other side. Martial was awesome under LvG and Jose nearly ruined him, easily hindered his development by a couple of years.
  15. Solskjær sack watch | 2019/20 edition

    I think any level headed fan can see that Ole clearly has a plan, tactically he's sound, we just need more windows to bring in the correct players....our biggest problem will be if martial can't stay fit as we don't have anyone who can replicate his style of play. 77% win percentage with 2.1...