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  1. Pau Torres

    Fair, so far what I have seen from his Spain & Villarreal games, he don't seem to "enjoy" the nasty athletic battles - he could build himself to be ready for them, but if that doesn't come natural at his age already, it's hard to learn.
  2. Pau Torres

    He won't cut it in EPL - compared to the likes of Ruben Dias & Fofana who have come to the league and be top defenders, he doesn't have the needed athletic nature to not get bullied by some big beasts.
  3. What are expectations for next season?

    Win Champions League & Premier League.
  4. Curious case of Isco

    He would thrive in Wenger's Arsenal atm. Hope he gets chance with Ancelotti.
  5. Day 6: Finland vs Russia | Turkey vs Wales | Italy vs Switzerland

    Bayern seems to interested in him.
  6. Day 5: Hungary vs Portugal | France vs Germany

    France is very mature & dangerous side.
  7. Day 5: Hungary vs Portugal | France vs Germany

    Super meh compared to what he was before at City.
  8. Day 5: Hungary vs Portugal | France vs Germany

    At PSG.
  9. Day 2: Wales vs Switzerland | Denmark vs Finland | Belgium vs Russia

    Not developed that well last few years anymore, stagnant in the failing CSKA side. Didn't make it to the squad.
  10. Jadon Sancho | United in advanced negotiations according to Sky

    So Sancho deal is basically done, don't really care about the fee and salary, it's gonna be huge anyway. Now what's next, if we are really trying to offload Martial is that enough for our attacking balance? Do we need more or can Amad rise that much and maybe Hannibal to shift in the middle? If...
  11. Day 1: Turkey vs Italy

    Turkey has the youngest squad of the tournament btw :D
  12. Transfer Tweets - 2021/22 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    France plays in Munich and in Bukarest at group stage.