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  1. Frenkie De Jong

    I just hope that if he does come here he will be fully on board and putting everything in. Can't be starting off a rebuild with someone who doesn't want to be here.
  2. The MMA thread

    Oliveira vs Khabib for the vacant title? Isn't it the perfect time. Neither lost their belt and both looked unbeatable :lol:
  3. The MMA thread

    WOW! Oliveira is just an absolute beast right now.
  4. The MMA thread

    Fancy Gaethje here given Charles' horrible cut. Think it could be an early KO.
  5. The MMA thread

    I have a strong feeling Weili will demolish Esparza inside 2 minutes and make this fight look even more ridiculous.
  6. The MMA thread

    Only has herself to blame. What a pathetic defence that was. Better to get sparked out in the first round than do that.
  7. The MMA thread

    Rose looked massively better everywhere and just...did nothing.
  8. The MMA thread

    DC: "We can go all night!" :lol:
  9. The MMA thread

    What is Rose scared of? She's easily able to stuff Esparza's attempts, yet she's letting her win through at least trying them.
  10. The MMA thread

    This is an embarrassment for Women's MMA. Get Joanna to run in WWE style.
  11. The MMA thread

    How do you score that? :lol: Jesus christ.
  12. The MMA thread

    Shame for Tony. He should just retire at this point, honestly. Have a weird feeling Esparza can win this one. Rose is a weird fighter who can win against anyone and also lose to people she should beat. It would be super weird to see the SW division back to where it started :lol:
  13. Post match vs Brighton & Hove Albion

    ETH is walking into an absolute burning heap of shit. He will get time but I just hope he's prepared.
  14. Telegraph publishes 20 year old audio of a Sir Alex Ferguson press conference

    That's how you build a great team spirit and unity. Even if Veron wasn't working out, he was one of us, he wore a United shirt and SAF wasn't going to have anyone talking shit about one of his players.
  15. Liverpool's inevitable quadruple

    Equaling the number of titles, I can deal with as we can imagine toppling it again in the future. Besting our treble achievement though would make me truly, truly sick.