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  1. Manchester United vs Burnley

    Are Fred and Matic not playing ?
  2. Manchester United vs Burnley

  3. Manchester United vs Burnley

    In one.
  4. Bruno Fernandes | United and Sporting in discussions BBC, Guardian

    Our back up left back is Luke Shaw.
  5. Manchester United vs Burnley

    Yeah, I'm getting sick of the sight of him passing to opposition in dangerous areas at every clearance he attempts.
  6. Premier League Gameweek 23-24

    Just like we did a matter of weeks ago ?
  7. Wayne Rooney

  8. Wayne Rooney

    :houllier: I wouldn't think for a second, see ya Jesse.
  9. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Sky saying Williams is in the front three.
  10. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    They fluked a win Vs Spurs last week, yeah we may be missing our 3 best players but Liverpool aren't unbeatable if anyone is gonna do it, it will be us. When we was at our best and they were terrible I still feared this fixture as form and everything goes out the window. And I bet the majority...
  11. Kepa Arrizabalaga | Stop with the De Gea comparisons

    I thought he retired to be honest.
  12. Liverpool - Premier League champions 19/20 Season

    He has probably already demanded an honorary medal.
  13. Premier League Gameweek 23-24