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  1. Christian Eriksen | Signs for Manchester United

    Good signing, no brainer when hes free. Especially with the number of players we lost this summer. Looked good last season, and hopefully can create some chances in them tight games. Turns draws into wins.
  2. Rio, Stam, Vidic: what's your order?

    I think its just personal preference. Mine is: Rio, Vidic, Stam
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo | 2021/22 Performances

    I love the narrative that we had a team ready to press and run their socks off and playing Ronaldo would be a weak point in that system, when the guy puts in more work than any of our forwards. What a phenomenal player he is. Elite mindset and ability, playing with a bunch of amateurs. 5 goals...
  4. Ralf Rangnick | ex-interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    Part of this is also hiring a manager and giving him the power and longevity to mold a team by implementing a playing style and buying players for that style. The setup before always limited a managers power. From what we're hearing now, ten hag has asked for assurances and the club has given...
  5. Ralf Rangnick | ex-interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    He's slightly more sure of his role next year it seems. From a sense of wanting football people involved in football decisions, its good having him on board. His CV as a manager is not good enough for this club, but as a builder, he is supposed to be elite. Let's see how it goes.
  6. Midfield poor recruitment - Top 25 transfers

    What a bargain Park was. Overall that list is atrocious, Fergie neglected that area but backed it up with winning everything. This summer we have to finally sort that area out
  7. How will you remember Pogba's time at United?

    Disappointing, forgetful. Was very excited when we signed him, but it just never worked out.
  8. Does the club just lack character?

    This club lacks a lot, but i think the big one is clear direction. It seems we are taking steps to right that wrong, but lets wait until any action is taken before we believe it.
  9. Does Bruno start against Liverpool?

    If we're benching the players who have been awful lately, does that even leave us with 11 players to start our next match?
  10. £20m Summer Transfer Budget

    i love how after all the talk of ETH asking for assurances about the transfer budget, they come up with this crap
  11. Next permanent manager | Poll updated

    Feels like a step in the right direction. Now for the official announcement.
  12. Who wins united player of the season

    this is gonna be one depressing thread :lol:
  13. Next permanent manager | Poll updated

    I’m glad he’s doing it right. The club is a mess, and if he is to have a fighting chance, he needs to be given certain assurances and control. we need to either get our heads out or just give up all together.