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  1. Max Aarons

    This is what you're focused on despite all what I said in the post. :D Well, maybe until I have seen Aarons in a game with my own very eyes just like people have been advocating (I have only seen his highlight), I don't think I can compare him to Trent right now. Sorry. Trent's weighted passes...
  2. Max Aarons

    No, you tell me why you have got problem with me saying regardless of physical attributes, Trent is a highly cerebral technical player and he's got that going for him? I also praised Aarons' technical skills while saying Trent was the better passer. I dissed no one not until you quoted my post...
  3. Max Aarons

    So good of you to cut into posts when the argument started with Adnan comparing Trent and Aaron's physical attributes. Excellent! We already know the nutter who jumped into discourse they know nothing about. You've got the platform.
  4. Max Aarons

    YouTube Indeed! :lol: I watched a game, found a player special with my eagle eyes, researched more about him and kept on watching him in every matches I could find to see if my first impression was the same and continue to follow up the said player only for some people who claimed to have been...
  5. Max Aarons

    All these are pointless until you tell us what's eating you deep. Several facts, fans' posts, coaches statement, deployed position backed up my claim as regard to Van de Beek's position, so what are you still crying about? Is this thread about Van de beek? Tell us what's your point as regard to...
  6. Max Aarons

    You were the one who jumped on my notion and was crying to start with. All I did was to tell Adnan that having physical attributes is good but what matters is the cerebral and technical skills. When Adnan thought I was dissing Aarons' technique, I told him Aarons' technique looks quite...
  7. Max Aarons

    Don't you mean when you made up lies about me saying Felix was better than Dybala, Griezman etc and I called you out on it to either back up your claim or be seen as a liar? I spoke authoritatively on players I have not only watched with my very own eyes but also have researched fans view on...
  8. Max Aarons

    Like I believe you. This isn't your first time of throwing a snide remark yet when called out, you have nothing to back up your claim. Did I steal your rice or something? Although I know what's eating you deep already. Either you join the discourse with a sound contribution as to why Aarons is...
  9. Max Aarons

    It's a snide remark when he's not even bold enough to confront me but always jump into every discourse I make to throw a snide remark yet if I give him the same dose, he will run calling to the mods. That aside, I guess the Benfica fans who opposed their rivals views on Felix were also...
  10. Max Aarons

    Before you report me to the mod like you did previously after starting the whole shite yourself yet be the first to cry foul when shite hits the fans. Let me call out the mod to see another snide remarks from this same person.
  11. Max Aarons

    I really don't know what you're driving at. All I did was to mention what made Trent stand out as a player in response to Adnan's comparing their physical attributes. I didn't even factor in Aarons apart from adding that Trent is the better passer which we already know. But then I saw you jump...
  12. Max Aarons

    Oops, I have no idea that Trent is a better passer than Aarons? Wonder shall never end.
  13. Max Aarons

    Trent is one of the best offensive fullback in the world and has just won a CL in which he was integral with his weighted passes and crosses, Aarons is still a championship player. How about that?
  14. Max Aarons

    I didn't even mention any weakness. Only you is trying to force in your imagination into the discourse. All I have said was Trent is the better passer and more cerebral. I don't even have the time for anyone who tries to argue otherwise.
  15. Max Aarons

    I don't need a clip to know Trent is a better passer and crosser with lots of precision. Trent was even a midfielder for crying out loud.