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  1. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    Before Pep joined Barcelona Messi was a precocious winger who no one ever thought will be scoring 50 goals for fun Xavi was actually called the cancer of Barcelona, too short too lightweight to control a midfield, and was about to be sold Iniesta was just ah okay Now we are hearing how it was...
  2. Virgil van Dijk | Performances

    Vidic is the best defender I have seen in the EPL followed by Stam. Carvalho also get a mention here I think the English defenders like Rio and Terry get more media polishing of their legacy than others If Vidic and Stam were English, there will probably be public holidays dedicated to them I...
  3. German Football 20/21

    I don't think it will be fair to give the 1st and 18th team the same prize money
  4. German Football 20/21

    I don't think the Bundesliga TV money is the cause of the financial imbalance cos the gap in prize money between 1st and 10th is sometimes less than 20m. Which I think is fair enough Also regarding the 50+1, Recently from argument on this thread, I am starting to lean away from the thought that...
  5. Being good in the air: Nature or nuture?

    Canavaro Ayala were short guys who were treats at set pieces Klose one of the most notable headers is just 180 cm All probably scored more headers than Jan Koller at 202cm
  6. Man City 2020/21 - General discussion

    Who is Man Utd's 4th option in defence and his cost price when he was bought so we can compare to Ake 30M in 2020
  7. Man City 2020/21 - General discussion

    Wonder why clubs like Bayern dont call Mourinho? He probably loved the challenge in Roma and Spurs more
  8. Man City 2020/21 - General discussion

    His Barcelona team played Bayern in 2009 and all our directors said. I want a team playing like that in Munich. Every top team wants to win and win in dominant style like a Pep side Ferguson played him in 2 finals and admitted it was They were the most unplayable side he has ever faced in his...
  9. Eden Hazard | Real Madrid player

    This is the list you posted and I am sure it's almost 70% from mediocre teams. Of course, you have players like Isco and Draxler whose dribbling skills earned them a permanent bench at Madrid/PSG
  10. Eden Hazard | Real Madrid player

    Most of the players you named played over 30yrs ago when the style of football was different, It was more one on one marking and once you dribble one person you have space, now teams mark in zones and crowd you easily, you will dribble them but crowd you out and you achieve nothing This link is...
  11. Man City 2020/21 - General discussion

    Lyon last season made the CL semi while finishing midtable in France, We can make that argument for best team in Europe too based off that CL semi or Madrid this season
  12. Eden Hazard | Real Madrid player

    People tend to overrate players who dribble. If you are not using those dribbles to create chances it pretty much useless like what Neymar did on Tuesday. KdB can the ball from his box take 2 touches and launch a long pass to a striker who scores while Hazard wants to take the ball dribble 3...
  13. Eden Hazard | Real Madrid player

    The world cup I dont think he had a shot on target vs Brazil and France. The 2 most important games. But he scored a brace vs Panama or was it Tunisia
  14. Eden Hazard | Real Madrid player

    Add Salah to this