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  1. Manchester United vs Barcelona

    Any prediction about the ball possession? I go for 30%:70% in the first 20 minutes, with our lads looking like school children running after adults. However, that does not mean that we will lose.
  2. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | W15 D2 L4

    No chance we will sign someone else, really. Didn't think that a few weeks ago, but... no chance for Zidane or Poc.
  3. Arsenal vs Manchester United | FA Cup 4th Round

    How good is Romelu?!
  4. Solskjær press conference vs Brighton (H)

    "5/5 stars" answers, really.
  5. Things in 2018 you’d get laughed at for saying would happen in football by 2028

    The European Super-League has 4 Chinese "guest Clubs", that means that every round at least two matches of this league are played in China.
  6. Phil Jones | 2018/19 Performances

    I still think that Bailly should play as number one choice in the defence, however, you have to say that this match against cardiff was the best Jones' performance for a while. He was attacking like mad.
  7. Mourinho Gone

    I would love to see a thread like "Who should be the next coach?" in which every user is only allowed to make ONE single post. Would be easier to get an idea what the caf is thinking.
  8. Mourinho Gone

    In my opinion, the biggest mistake after SAF retired was that the club didn't take the Central European coach market seriously enough. For example: United should have gone for Klopp. It was obvious that the guy is a kind of genius teambuilder. United didn't go for him. They should have gone for...
  9. Mourinho Gone

    Scrooge has gone. Merry Christmas to everyone.
  10. PSG vs Man Utd | Build-up Thread | Return leg Wednesday 06.03

    PSG will be the cata(r)lyst of the end of Mourinho.
  11. PSG vs Man Utd | Build-up Thread | Return leg Wednesday 06.03

    This will be the end of our Champions League season - and hopefully also the end of Jose M.
  12. Valencia vs Manchester United

    Honestly, I will stop watching United games till there is a new coach. In best case, a new coach appointed by a new "ed woodward". We are a bloodless team for a long time now.
  13. Real Madrid need to get ready for a terrible season | It’s happening

    In a parallele universe, Lopetegui played a great world cup with spain and is seen as one of the best coaches around. In our reality, with one wrong decision, he damaged his image within a few months. Maybe we can sell grumpy cat to Madrid?
  14. Manchester United ready to back José Mourinho with £100m-plus in January

    Are we really that silly? The next coach should get the money to build a team. So far, Mourinho spent money - but there is no team.
  15. The Mourinho Thread: Should he stay or go? | Sacked

    Is Grumpy Cat still our coach?